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  1. I was referring to Firefox 3.6.15 installed on C drive, not Firefox 4 or Portable Firefox. CCleaner cannot clean Firefox History properly if History is set to 'By Site'. After cleaning, the folder names remain even though the entries under them are deleted. Try this yourself in Firefox. Hope someone can create something in Winapp2 to solve this bug.
  2. I had posted several months ago a bug in Firefox cleaning. It doesn't clean Firefox History properly if History is set to 'By Site'. After cleaning, the folder names remain even though the entries under them are deleted. After several new versions, this problem is still not fixed. Hope you can solve this in your Winapp2 file. Also, please add cleaning for Portable Firefox 4.
  3. I am using Firefox 3.6.12, the latest version. Although I have reported this a long time ago, CCleaner 2 and 3 still cannot clean Firefox History. To reproduce this problem: In Firefox, show its History "By Site". Close Firefox and use CCleaner. Check 'Firefox/Mozilla' and 'Internet History' and clean. Open Firefox and you will see that the History folders are there although their contents are gone. The folders have names of the sites we went to. Hope the developers can fix this soon as it is a long standing problem. There should be an option to just clean only the
  4. DennisD, I use All-in-one Sidebar extension which always show "View/Sidebar/History". I didn't know that there was 'another' History view until you told me about it. Thanks. I now hope that CCleaner can clean all History views including folders so that I don't have to run Firefox's own History cleaner. Hopefully in the next version.
  5. There is no answer either here or in the other topic. I doubt CCleaner cleans these as otherwise the developers will claim this as one of the benefits of using CCleaner.
  6. CCleaner has secure file deletion after I wrote to the developer many years ago to introduce this feature. However, does it securely erase the 'cluster tips' and 'alternate data streams' of the files too? Many of us use or have used the free Eraser program which cleans these areas too. A file is not completely erased if these areas are not cleaned too. So if CCleaner doesn't, I hope the developers will work on it.
  7. I see what you mean, DennisD. The problem is that everyone thinks that FF History is cleaned by clicking 'History' in the menu bar. But in "View/Sidebar/History", the folders remain. My point is deleting these empty folders. These folder names show your surfing history, so by leaving them behind it is as if Internet History is not cleaned. Please do point this out to the developers. In the meantime, I'll use Firefox's own Clear Recent History-->Browsing & Download History.
  8. Yes, I am using the latest version. Please follow the steps EXACTLY as I described and you will find Firefox History is not cleaned. I am referring to Firefox 3.5.x or 3.6. I hope the developers are working on a fix instead of claiming to clean Firefox History.
  9. CCleaner cannot clean Internet History in Firefox 3.5 and 3.6. Try this: In Firefox, set History to 'By Site'. Then clean using CCleaner with 'Internet History' checked. Then open FF. You will see that the History folders remain although the items in these folders were deleted. The reason for this is that Firefox 3.5 and 3.6's History is kept in a file called 'places.sqlite'. This file keeps the internet history and the latest bookmarks. Just deleting this file alone will delete both the History AND latest Bookmarks. FF's own Clear Recent History-->Browsing & Download History w
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