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  1. Hello Flaboy, MANY THANKS for your persistent research and solution. My thanks to all the others who were involved in this detective work. This solution worked for me as well. What a relief. (GChrome v. 9.0.597.84, CCleaner v. 3.03.1366). When I ran CCleaner I found 356 MB of data in the Cache of GC & 24MB in GC Net History. It had really piled up there in just a few days. (Note: GC seems to be really bad about caching stuff.) I'll elaborate slightly on your pathway to making the change. Tools(GC) > Options > UnderTheHood > Content > Content Settings > Cookies > Uncheck box that says "Clear cookies and other site data...". I have a feeling that something was changed in Chrome that prevents CCleaner from accessing the temp files to clean them when the "Clear Cookies..." box is checked in Chrome. I don't think the clearing is very effective when the box is checked. Also, I'll add a strong endorsement for Piriform Speccy. It's a wonderful utility for finding all the "intimate" details of your system without the headache of searching all over for the info. Cheers, Ed Vista Home Premium, 32bit, SP2 Athlon 64x2 8600GT 3Gig DDR2 RAM Nvidia GEForce 8600GT, 512MB =============================================
  2. DWatcher... I agree with you completely. I just discovered this little program today and have had a ball with it. WOW!! Neat program that displays LOTS of info. It detected my external hard drives, the printer, the added video card and the webcam. It's neat as he** to see all the stuff under the hood and to see if it's performing correctly. It's a fun 'toy' and a very useful as well. The crowning feature is its ease of use. Speccy is VERY user friendly. Keep up the fine work Piriform!! Cheers, Ed
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