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  1. Today I launched CCleaner (version 5.51.7644--the latest) and went to make some changes to cookies I save and found that CCleaner no longer shows the active cookies on my system.  I'm running the latest Firefox (66.0.3 32-bit) as my browser.  As far as I'm aware, the only change I've made to anything in my system is renaming the pinned Taskbar shortcut for Firefox (it was "Firefox (2)" and I renamed it to "Firefox").  I'm not sure what y'all may need to troubleshoot this problem, but just ask away.

    I have upgraded CCleaner recently to the current (Latest as far as I'm aware) version.  I simple in-place overwrite when I upgrade.  I haven't uninstalled CCleaner once since I originally installed it on my system.  That's a simple enough task, I can start there if someone thinks it will help.

  2. How do I write the entry in an INI to delete an entire folder, not just files located within that folder?





    Nevermind. Figured it out. I tend to post questions before I exhaust options I know about but haven't tried yet.

  3. I am on W7 x64 SP1.


    I disabled the thumbnail cache option, and the thumbnails remain, as I knew they would.


    I don't know if there is some sort of system re-route to the D drive. If you all are right, there must be, because CCleaner definitely does clean the thumbnail cache on my D drive.


    What could I do to determine if the system drive is routing CCleaner to my D drive?

  4. Drive D:\ ?


    I have never seen CCleaner attempt to zap anything on Drive D:\


    Is your System drive D:\ ?

    What is the CCleaner checkbox which controls whether or not any *.db is cleaned from Drive D:\ ?


    No, my D drive is my backup drive. I store videos and stuff like that on it, but when CCleaner is run it also deletes files from that drive. I like to have thumbnail previews of my videos, but when I run CCleaner, it deletes those thumbnails.


    There is a thumbnail cache checkbox, but I don't want to disable it because it clears thumbnails on my C drive. I guess I could, but I'd prefer to add an exception to my D drive, rather than deselect the thumbnail option.

  5. Can you post exactly what exclusion(s) you've tried from your ccleaner.ini file which don't work?


    Yes. This is what I have in my INI file:




    ...and it doesn't work. I also tried setting the exclusions through the interface and that doesn't work.

  6. I am trying to exclude certain files from being cleaned, but it isn't working properly. I've added the drive and folder to the exclude window, set the file extension, but it still deletes the file.


    I have "Custom File and Folders" selected when cleaning. Any ideas why it seems to be ignoring my custom exclusions?

  7. CCleaner doesn't display all the cookies I have on my system. Only a fraction, actually. I could surf the web and not clean my system for a week, and only about 15 cookies will be displayed as an option to keep or delete. Why is this. I like that feature so I don't have to keep logging in to forums I visit regularly and stuff like that after I clean. Is this a bug? Should I report it in the bug area?

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