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  1. I looked at Bleachbit in my research and yeah, it restarts explorer. I briefly looked at the source but didn't find the thumbcache related code. I can live with restarting explorer to do what I want.
  2. I know it's closed source, but it doesn't hurt to ask. That's similar to the way I found to do it too. I've worked with the process more and more, and have managed to clear the cache, but it requires restarting Explorer. At the time of my post, I hadn't figured it out. CCleaner doesn't have to restart Explorer, so them fellers have figured something out. Oh well, there's no harm I can think of from restarting Explorer. Thanks for the link.
  3. I am curious how the developers of CCleaner have accomplished an aspect of their product. How does CCleaner clean the thumbnail cache on Windows? I'm writing something and part of it requires the thumbnail cache to be deleted. Trouble is, depending on Windows settings, the cache is almost always locked/in use by the Explorer process. I can not for the life of me figure out how to unlock these files to delete them. I've tried the following: Always set the "show icons, not thumbnails" setting via registry - Close and restart explorer (I think this would work, but halts script--Pyt
  4. @APMichael Thanks! That fixed it. I guess it wasn't on my end. Piriform need to fix it. @Nergal Typo. I have 5.56. Thanks again!
  5. Today I launched CCleaner (version 5.51.7644--the latest) and went to make some changes to cookies I save and found that CCleaner no longer shows the active cookies on my system. I'm running the latest Firefox (66.0.3 32-bit) as my browser. As far as I'm aware, the only change I've made to anything in my system is renaming the pinned Taskbar shortcut for Firefox (it was "Firefox (2)" and I renamed it to "Firefox"). I'm not sure what y'all may need to troubleshoot this problem, but just ask away. I have upgraded CCleaner recently to the current (Latest as far as I'm aware) version. I s
  6. How do I write the entry in an INI to delete an entire folder, not just files located within that folder? EDIT: Nevermind. Figured it out. I tend to post questions before I exhaust options I know about but haven't tried yet.
  7. I'll add exceptions for all folders I don't want contents erased. You could be right. Thanks for the link too, I'll try that app out if the multiple exception thing doesn't work. EDIT Nah, didn't work. Adding multiple folders to the exclusions list.
  8. I am on W7 x64 SP1. I disabled the thumbnail cache option, and the thumbnails remain, as I knew they would. I don't know if there is some sort of system re-route to the D drive. If you all are right, there must be, because CCleaner definitely does clean the thumbnail cache on my D drive. What could I do to determine if the system drive is routing CCleaner to my D drive?
  9. No, my D drive is my backup drive. I store videos and stuff like that on it, but when CCleaner is run it also deletes files from that drive. I like to have thumbnail previews of my videos, but when I run CCleaner, it deletes those thumbnails. There is a thumbnail cache checkbox, but I don't want to disable it because it clears thumbnails on my C drive. I guess I could, but I'd prefer to add an exception to my D drive, rather than deselect the thumbnail option.
  10. Yes. This is what I have in my INI file: ExcludeKey1=PATH|D:\|*.db ...and it doesn't work. I also tried setting the exclusions through the interface and that doesn't work.
  11. No, it has not been corrected. I'm using version 3.07.1457 and the "Exclude" option does NOT exclude files and folders from being deleted. I've tried playing with the INI file as well, with no luck. I'm going to keep trying, but so far, nothing has helped.
  12. A bug, maybe? Should I post in the bug reports forum?
  13. I am trying to exclude certain files from being cleaned, but it isn't working properly. I've added the drive and folder to the exclude window, set the file extension, but it still deletes the file. I have "Custom File and Folders" selected when cleaning. Any ideas why it seems to be ignoring my custom exclusions?
  14. Yeah, and the Firefox cookies don't show up. Well only some do. I can go a week without cleaning my system, surfing the web like crazy, and only about 12 to 15 cookies show up.
  15. It is. The only browser I use if FF. I think it's a code problem. Should I report it as a bug?
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