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  1. Exactly! (I think,my english is not good enough. )
  2. Recorded by Windows? Where? Not on my system and somewhere else? If you mean the install date on my system, CCleaner doesn't pick up them correctly. (By the way, I never changed my time zone.)
  3. CCleaner shows wrong install date for all softwares. It is one day before. Say, it's 27.03 for Google Earth in control panel (I know that's true), CCleaner shows one day before: 26.03 .
  4. I tried it several times with different versions on my XP Pro SP2 system. CCleaner searchs temporary files, but it cannot show them completely when finished. I know that there are a lot older temp files to delete. Another application I use finds and shows that files correctly. Are there any causes for this problem?
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