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  1. I've asked this because every time I connect an USB Flash Drive CCleaner can clean it, actually every time I connect something CCleaner can clean it, so I thought than can clean a phone too!
  2. I have a Nokia with Symbian!
  3. Hi there! I have a question! Is there any problem if I use CCleaner to clean up my phone (with the help of a PC afcourse)???? Thank you!
  4. hmmm....interestring ! Well that program was that one from Uniblue! And by the way my pc is my son...so obvious I know what I'm doing ! Anyway thank for that link...very usefull.
  5. oh...I see...well then is no need to wory, I guess! Right ?
  6. What I want to say is this: CCleaner doesn't clean my registry to well, what remains is those things of ActiveX and Class problems. Those always remain behind, all of them ! How do I know that ? Well I've installed a demo of a Microsoft software( I don't remember the name right know) who detected 702 problems(ActiveX and Class problems) to my registry that CClener doesn't find them...! Why ? This is my only inconvenient related to CCleaner. Besides this is TOTALY SUPERB, a work of art! :lol:
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