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    I'm getting the same thing too. Here's the log:
  2. and, just for the record, I pulled out an old USB drive with 1.0.8 defraggler on it and this did NOT have yahoo toolbar on it. I'd rather voluntarily contribute (I have) rather than having crapware to avoid instaling. Case closed!
  3. I have been using CClearner and Degraggler for a LONG time. I find it VERY disappointing that Piriform has, in the last couple of versions, decided to include the "option" to install what I consider to be crapware. This is Yahoo Toolbar. I'm sure they make money every time some poor soul (like me) who is used to clicking the OK box all of a sudden now has this crapware toolbar. I really wish they wouldn't do this. I've deeply respected and admired their software up until they started doing this. So sue me.
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