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  1. Andavari, Thanks for the link. Long ago I may have corrupted some critical sectors on a 40 GB Maxtor with bad software and no documentation. I learned my lesson. Cheers
  2. marmite, Thanks for the reply. Care will be taken. I think I erred in another sense by offering advice about using GP when my experience with it is limited to interface tweaks and a few IP restrictions. Apologies to seasoned members who roll their eyes at newbie enthusiasm. One should refrain from offering advice that isn't based on direct personal experience, no matter what the source. Re: Avira I'm switching back to Avast! Avira seems to be jumping the rail with the latest release. Too many unresolved critical problems, and dubious avnotify.exe behavior. Re: CCleaner
  3. hazelnut, Thanks for the warning wrapped in irony:) I'll be more careful about posting links and ask first if I'm not sure. Seems this registry entry is getting good play over at Avira. CCleaner is right in the mix. The Group Policy rule really does work. No more pop-up ad. I guess this trick has been known for some time. Good news for the pop-up but I'm not convinced the registry entry should be taken as lightly. Ye olde Prussian arrogance seems to flash at times over there. These next few days I'll have more time to swim through Piriform forum and others to see if this thing is as c
  4. Hey folks, I'm a Pirform newbie. I wanted to post this quickly because I have to finish my laundry. I'll provide some personal info later. Re: HKCR\{80b8c23c-16e0-4cd8-bbc3-cecec9a78b79}. It looks like the topic is alive over at Avira forum: http://forum.avira.com/wbb/index.php?langid=1 Check out the Avira Personal for Windows thread posts for this week. I have the same problem. Avira seems a little shy about discussing it. Forgive me if the above - and the following - are redundant: If you have XP Pro here's a link to learn how to disable the Avira pop-up window we all love using the
  5. Redhawk, Temporarily disabling the "Enhanced" USB controller did the trick. I'm on an HP Vectra 800 running XP-SP2 with an upgraded USB card. Transfere rates are as expected but it's always been too slow formatting large volumes. Now I know how to work around that lag thanks to you're good advice. I'll download the trail version of "Flash Memory Tool Kit" for some diagnostics. Thanks for the concise and timely reply, Richard. My first Piriform post leaves me with a smile:) niski
  6. Hi, I recently put an Ubuntu.iso on a Seagate 5.0 GB Pocket USB for transport (not for booting) and the file would not copy onto Windows. The USB drive was not recognized by Windows (but it was formated in Windows) and an attempt at file rescue with an old copy of FileScavanger threw a lot of sector errors so I wiped the drive with HDD FreeWipe Tool and reformatted to FAT32 with HP USB Disk Storage Tool (because Windows format froze) and it still won't accept any file into the volume. I scanned with Recuva and I find 224384 zero-byte files all listed as ??9. Are these remnants of a botche
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