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  1. Just to be clear, I have certain cookies in the Cookies to Keep. I got some websites like facebook, classmates & linkedin. I automatically login into these sites because of the saved cookies. However these cookies DO NOT show up in the Cookies to Delete as I think some are suggesting. Now after i run Ccleaner, I attempt to go to these 3 sites and they begin to ask me for a username/password. Apparently they wiped the cookie. I have completely removed Ccleaner and re-selected cookies and the same symptom is occuring. I'm not sure what screen shot you want. I can show cookies to keep list and then show no login to facebook and then clean and show a login is required??? This did work okay before until some upgrade to Ccleaner in the past broke it.
  2. A number of versions ago, selecting the cookies to keep and then performing a clean worked...selected cookies were retained. This is on Win7 Ultimate with IE8. However tne next version update started deleting all the cookies. Apparently a bug was introduced, because it stopped working properly with an update, I'm not sure which version I think somewhere around early Dec?
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