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  1. opera is good for US users too? AND MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!: WHERE did you find that hilarious face that you use here as your avitar??? i am ROTFLMAO! i LOVE it! i want one! please tell me where i can find one like the one you use!!! thank you, karen
  2. is there any way that i can check mark ALL of the photo files that recuva found and then save them ALL to one folder on a drive, to sort later? why can't there be a "select all," which also would give me the opportunity, once i have selected all of the photos recovered, unselect those that i don't want. i WISH that i could know whether i myself deleted the photo files or whether that damned virus did it! what would help is to see the path that it was in when it was removed, and, if an algorithm could be made that shows you that you have other versions of a particular photo (date created,
  3. what i'd most like to see recuva be able to do is to provide a table that shows which copy of a photo is, on the disk, then compare that one to "recuva-ed" copies of that photo. i recently downloaded a trojan horse in two separate paths in my C drive. it wreaked havoc on my media files, in particular, photographs! they got scattered all over the disk. it was and still is a nightmare, and it has already been 9 months since the problem began. since i sometimes use different versions of a photo, for instance, one largest, one smaller, and one largest compressed and one smaller comp
  4. you are most kind, denise, to have given me so many ideas to help me get this resolved. be well! (you may wish to look at the response that i gave to aegus in reference to firefox not closing, still, when using Ccleaner...)
  5. gee, augeas, why didn't i think of that? alphabetizing the process names! i have done it otherwise and elsewhere a million times, but not in windows task manager, processes. thank you!!! but as i go onward and onward more and more i realize that nothing other than a reboot will totally close firefox so that Ccleaner can be used to totally clean out the cache, etc. because, it's really cache that gets loaded and leads to slow computing. i went to the bug area of mozilla firefox. there, i see that SOME firefox users have reported that firefox will run even if you X to close it, or
  6. thanks, dennis, but i need to know... there are a lot of software packages there at the link. especially important is what is said at the bottom, after you look at all of the software. it says that one should not take all of them if one is doing it not via a response from a moderator. therefore, i presume that you mean for me to take ALL of the software mentioned in the link and run each one. is that true? else, because i have so many external hard drives (and one RAID 0 SATA drive(s) sitting in a drawer that was the drive i was using when i bought and mirrored my C:\ drive, the
  7. thank you so much, dennis! i will do that! should i now stop the recuva scan that i am doing against my drive C: since it is 2 TB large? you're a honey, and so are the rest of you folks!!!
  8. thanks! (i deliberately put the missive in so that anyone that comes across it might know what the process is to recover a drive's contents and to ABSOLUTELY AVOID IE8!!!). and know too that recuva takes up about 50% of your CPU power. he he he: should i just buy a MAC??? yes, i go to processes and find that firefox is still running when i have closed it. i will ask mozilla to take a look at this. however, i am not infected--definitely not--anymore. this only happens when i have used CC and want to use it again. could it be that i should also clean cookies for all 3 browsers?
  9. i am curious about the notice that you posted about Ccleaner's registry cleaner: would you think, if i had used it in bits like you advised only a couple of times that firefox itself would have become corrupted? could it be that i get the error message saying that firefox is already running and to close it before opening another occurrence of it might have been caused by using registry cleaner? if so, how would i know that? YES, I DO make a backup copy before i clean... i would not guess that there's much to clean in the registry because i had to reinstall windows back in october 2009
  10. if you mean by looking at the Applications tab in task manager, yes, i have done that. in fact, when i tried to use the link in the email from piraform to get to this response, the same thing happened, with firefox. so again, i checked task manager and firefox is NOT running. did i use firefox today at all? yes, i did, but i closed it. today i changed my mind and said i want firefox to be my default browser rather than chrome. but, currently i am taking ms updates and not running either firefox or chrome. so you see, there truly is a bug. i am disturbed over this. i did
  11. i run on windows xp professional edition. i have one 2 TB internal hard drive and one 400 GB hard drive installed inside of my computer casing (a/k/a "the box"). i have one external 2 TB hard drive to use to mirror image my hard drive using norton ghost 12 (not on unless i call it up) or do MS backups. i am using the most current version of Ccleaner as of 1-7-2010, and i have encountered this defect each time i want to only clean my cache and downloads in the browsers IE (which infected me so i never use it), firefox and google chrome. the only checkmarks in the analyze tab are for
  12. can anyone here push a good hyperlink to me so that i can understand all of the terms used inside of the CCleaner main tabs? for instance, i know what a "fetch" is, but what is an old prefetch? how old would that be? is there a way to learn about cleaning various items that i do not have a knowledge of? any discussions anywhere? thanks!
  13. i'm running on windows xp professional. i change my preference for either the google chrome or firefox browser to be the default depending on which is running best on any given day. therefore, even if i have already restarted, for instance, yesterday, after taking a download, that means that for a fact, firefox must be closed. if i want to run Ccleaner then, it is not effective for temporary files, downloads and cookies in mozilla firefox. after analyzing using CCleaner, i am told to close firefox and chrome, or else they will be ignored. but if they are already closed, why am i bein
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