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  1. Often times when i cant find what i look for in the normal scanning mode i do the 'deep scan', its an inconvenience to go through the options to turn it on and off, so my suggestion is to have a dedicated option or button somewhere on the main page, that's all. Something to think about in your next release Also perhaps an auto scan option as the program starts, would shave off some time. Good work with all of it so far Cheers
  2. Im not all that techno savvy, so i was wondering for people like me its would be a great help if there was a search function, For instance, suppose i need to look up a very particular specification in reference to an error, and i have to no clue what heading it would be under. . . You can see how a search would come in handy! Otherwise Very Happy with all your wondeful work, good job Two Thumbs Up
  3. Im not sure if you already know this but, just in case u dont heres a quick explanation (as i understand it, i dont claim to be right ). Imagine a shelf on the wall, with a lot of little compartments with glass doors on it, with the appropriate keys on them. ~ Deleting a file from your computer (recycle bin) is like taking away the key to that particular compartment with the file in it, The file is still in there, but you cant get to it since there is not key/link! At this point these compartments without keys are by default ready to be overwritten as you delete more files (the traditional way) from ur computer. ~ Overwriting using Recuva jumbles the contents in the compartments, but sometimes whats being over written can be seen through the glass doors (like a file by a picture / some papers with a vase) ~ Wiping free space takes all the contents from all the compartments n chucks em out. its as simple as that hope ive helped
  4. Suggestion One: An individual option for wiping MFT Free Space (and possibly a better UI for wiping free space) Suggestion Two: Updating the software would be a much simpler and efficient if it was an in built process Suggestion Three: Having a package that includes all of your products would be wonderful idea Other than these little issues, Kudos on all your softwares, they are simple, light, effective and efficient. Thank you
  5. You could try using CCleaner to 'Wipe Free Space'. Its tedious n time consuming but effective i would think
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