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  1. hallo clay bin ja keen experte, vielleicht hast du kein c++ bei dir oder ne andere version, ich weiß allerdings ooch ne, warum man für ccleaner c++ brauchen sollte. ich habs durch antivir mit of meim rechner...aber kannste ooch von microsoft holen. http://www.microsoft...51-e81dc2905b0d
  2. also i dont like the menu bar or guide from ff 4 and above but luckily i have still the k-meleon
  3. flash uploader runs, but the result(s) dont display under my posts, but later in the preview post and the final post.
  4. also speccy trying to make phone calls home without updatesearch, but in contrast to recuva runs speccy without internetpermission.
  5. this shows my devicemanager... in picture one and picture two shows properties of sounds and audio devices and the assignments.
  6. i hope, the "german chef translator" works on it
  7. i can only confirm with jlatif
  8. i have reinstalled the version 1.1.11 The version 2.0 was bad, i dont know, how the 2.0.1 is
  9. I think the version-jumps are not justified in firefox . bad takeover from chrome to ff.
  10. I've found firefox v11 to be most stable on a single-core 512MB RAM Windows XP SP3 machine. Chrome seems to use A LOT more memory of this machine for some reason. yes, can i say :-) but i use 3.6.28 and it need less ram then ff 11, i mean, but ff needs less than chrome is 3.6.29 the last of 3.6?
  11. yes, I´ve also noticed that. but i have luckily a firewall
  12. it missing a lot of German translation ... where do you start Works your "german-chef-translator" on it? :-)) the menupoint "apply additional conditions:" in "shedule" in german: ändere zusätzliche Bedingungen or ändere weitere Bedingungen is complete in english inclusive "Timeout"; "Idle" and "'Power" also the menupoint "Options-Advanced" the second line "Replace Windows Disk Defragmenter" in german: Ersetze die Windows-Defragmentierung and the point "Use custom fragmentation settings..." is also complete in english and last point in these menu "stop VSS when defragmenting NTFS volume" also in menu "general" under the Language settings "Temperature: metric" in german Temperatur: metrisch
  13. Can someone give me a tip what I need to switch to Windows xp so that my Sound Blaster card is displayed as the first and not my modem?
  14. It is true that there twice "Ctrl + F" stand for? and in the "find" mask - the last point "Match whole string only" in german: Nur ganze Zeichenfolge zeigen or Zeige nur ganze Zeichenfolge also i want to say, that in german computer-menu "suchen" rather than "find" or "finden" so it must the menupoint called "suchen" and not "find"...
  15. As you can see, is there anything in English in these message. "firefox/mozilla needs to be closed to clean the internet cache. Do you want ccleaner to close firefox/mozilla?" in german: Firefox/Mozilla muss beendet werden zum säubern des Internet Caches. Möchtest du, daß CCleaner Firefox/Mozilla schließt?
  16. the third line "only delete files in recycle bin older than 24 hours" in german: Nur Dateien aus dem Papierkorb löschen, die älter als 24 Stunden sind or in agreement with the default one line above Dateien aus dem Papierkorb nur löschen, wenn sie älter als 24 Stunden sind
  17. The sentence directly below the "Autostart or Startup" in german: Diese Programme laufen, wenn dein Computer oder Browser startet. The point "Scheduled Tasks" in german: geplante Aufgaben
  18. i dont use system restore points...i have only private pc, no important data on the hard drive.
  19. I guess mainly Defraggler to defragment the files. From time to time you should go with the Windows defragmentation on your own hard drive.
  20. I have another disk with xp home sp3 and speccy1.11 to start and it crashes when checking the disk. suggested that perhaps indicate a disk error? speccy create in install-folder a 40-60 mb file "speccy.exe_*.dmb"
  21. thank you yes, I mean the round bracket...
  22. these versionjumps in firefox and thunderbird are very unfunny, i mean. not all from google is fine -chrome firefox take the versionjumps from these
  23. Here are other German-speaking people who agree with me or have other suggestions for Translation?
  24. @ nergal I've also learned that word in my school-english in German is called that thing "Klammer" for clamp (as in the image of "kroozer" shown), i dont know, how many other or better words you are similar used. english isnt my native language...
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