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  1. perhaps the "slim" version will works https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  2. by the way... in the meantime perhaps download it from the german [non piriform site] recuva v1.53 (zip) take the link and paste it in the browser - address - bar [Link Removed]
  3. trium

    ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.20 gorhill released this 4 days ago Change Add support for all filter option Add support for doc filter option Make filter syntax converter process all filters except explicitly excluded
  4. perhaps change your default browser (chrome or firefox or ie11 or so) this should change the file associations back again?
  5. i have nothing installed manually (c++ or net.framework) i mean if microsoft dont push it with its updates i dont need it (dont search with my own hand) as i can see at siliconman01 pic about the installed c++´s i have my versions up to date until c++ 2013. only with c++ 2015 seems not up to date by me - v14.0.2412 (x64 from 05.2018) and v14.0.2410 (x86 from 01.2017) but no updates from microsoft as it shows me... -> nothing to update? perhaps because i have only installed net.framework until 4.0 and support ends for a while...? (net.framework is only in optional-updates in windows) i mean if i dont have installed some stuff i dont need security-updates for whatelse and at the moment no app no program show me it will some other codes
  6. there is no download folder. only in user folder "public"
  7. hi, i think speccy dont show the "download" specification because its not an real "systemfolder" -> downloads can only be with browser or similar software... i think this folder is only existing because the integration from ie into windows and not windows itself <-- since w95/w98. only user variables and system variables can i found i mean this is why speccy can not found this "not-system-variable" because its an ie-internet-setting. speccy reads only the environment variables and only in the settings of browser xy is the settingrule " your downloadfolder" in chrome and firefox and others you can choose to ask you what folder you will use every sinlge download or set a fixed folder for your download generally in ie11 is downloadpath-input possible only indirectly -> not so fine as in firefox or chrome-settings <-- perhaps its why this option is not simply readable from the internetsettings from windows. ps: also in windows 8.1 can speccy not found the download-folder-setting - i mean because the ie11 "save as..." thing
  8. trium

    ublock users

    firefox legacy v1.16.4.19 gorhill released this Mar 3, 2020 Change Add support for :nth-ancestor(n) by mapping it to the equivalent xpath expression Remove support for deprecated implicit scriptlet injection Improve abort-current-inline-script.js scriptlet Add support for Iceape-UXP Update support links in about.html and satisfy GPLv3 requirements
  9. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.25.2 gorhill released this Mar 6, 2020 Closed as fixed: In Element Zapper, support Mac keyboards’ Delete key (pull request from @roryokane) Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: WebAssembly is not defined Accessing localStorage delays startup Need to whitelist Microsoft Edge internal page Notable commits with no entry in issue tracker: Allow re-entrance in abort-current-inline-script Make element picker mind that network filters are case-insensitive Support loading of benchmark dataset in published versions Wrap long hostnames in popup panel
  10. ff v68.6.0 esr 10. march 2020 Fixed Various stability and security fixes
  11. ff v74.0 10. march 2020 New Your login management has improved with the ability to reverse alpha sort (Name Z-A) in Lockwise, which you can access under Logins and Passwords. Firefox now makes importing your bookmarks and history from the new Microsoft Edge browser on Windows and Mac simple. Add-ons installed by external applications can now be removed using the Add-ons Manager (about:addons). Going forward, only users can install add-ons; they cannot be installed by an application. Facebook Container prevents Facebook from tracking you around the web - Facebook logins, likes, and comments are automatically blocked on non-Facebook sites. But when you need an exception, you can now create one by adding custom sites to the Facebook Container. Firefox now provides better privacy for your web voice and video calls through support for mDNS ICE by cloaking your computer’s IP address with a random ID in certain WebRTC scenarios. Fixed Various security fixes. We have fixed issues involving pinned tabs such as being lost. You should also no longer see them reorder themselves. Changed When a video is uploaded with a batch of photos on Instagram, the Picture-in-Picture toggle would sit atop of the “next” button. The toggle is now moved allowing you to flip through to the next image of the batch. On Windows, Ctrl+I can now be used to open the Page Info window instead of opening the Bookmarks sidebar. Ctrl+B still opens the Bookmarks sidebar making keyboard shortcuts more useful for our users. We have disabled TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 to improve your website connections. Sites that don't support TLS version 1.2 will now show an error page. Developer Developer Information Firefox’s Debugger added support for debugging Nested Web Workers, so their execution can be paused and stepped through with breakpoints Web Platform Firefox has added support for the new JavaScript optional chaining operator (?.) and CSS text-underline-position.
  12. eihter there is some folder that find ccleaner or there is an registry entry that find ccleaner... C:\Users\your nick\AppData\Local\Mozilla\Firefox C:\Users\your nick\AppData\LocalLow\mozilla C:\Users\your nick\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla C:\Users\All Users\Mozilla C:\ProgramData\Mozilla perhaps some other places registry: hkey_current_user - software - mozilla and mozillaplugins hkey_local_machine - software - mozilla and mozillaplugins
  13. hello somesh, you mean your f-drive is now changed to partitons: C/ D/ and E/? <- is this one drive or 3 drives? perhaps is this single-drive F "deleted" -> go to your diskmanagement and you will see either your lost partition or your lost drive and with the right options you can integrate it again as drive F if you have fully formatted your disk and your new "partitons" are described with new os and/or other stuff = i think you can forget your old data. as well with formating with w7 and newer there is an "secure deletion" applied... if you have take only the "short-formatting-option" perhaps you can recover some files if there are not overwritten
  14. my pic is from w8.1 disk management oh, no restart after another drive letter assignment but from time to time is a restart needed (since faststart is integrated with w8 and newer) sometimes have windows problems for all kinds of stuff after an series of shutdowns and powerons (this is not an restart). and with an real new start (restart like after updating) can windows eliminate some kind of problems by itself... my english is not so good but i hope you understand what i mean with this :-)
  15. my own opinion? you know where you have saved your personal files or you can also check the folders yourself. you don't need to use Disk Analyzer. this is also easier with Windows Explorer -> search through your created folders and then you know yourself.
  16. to a certain extent ccleaner can tell you what the files are... but as nukecad says only you know if you can delete this or another file. you can open the section for example "documents" on one of your disk or partitions -> you can open this section on the arrow on the left side... -> and it shows you what kind of files there are was finding: for example: pdf or doc or pptx -> here can you choose the file-end (f. ex. doc) in the box below you can see the details of this kind of files you want to see -> here can you see files that you know (and perhaps want do delete) or if not sure -> you can with rightclick open the contextmenu -> and f. ex. "open containing folder" that you can this file see exactly to decide "delete or not" -> or you can files that you know (one or more) tick and choose "delete selected files" in the contextmenu -> also you can see the path of all files that ccleaner can find. all files with system-paths i would not delete. -> but if you find files in your private selfmaded folders -> you can decide for sure if you want delete or not... disk analyzer shows you different kind of files like *.doc (word-files), *.mp4 (video-files), *.pptx (powerpoint-presentations) as subcategorys of the maincategorys like "documents" or "videos" or "pictures" or...
  17. ff v73.0.1 18. feb 2020 Fixed Fixed crashes on Windows systems running third-party security software such as 0patch or G DATA (bug 1610790) Fixed loss of browser functionality in certain circumstances such as running in Windows compatibility mode or having custom anti-exploit settings (bug 1614885) Resolved problems connecting to the RBC Royal Bank website (bug 1613943) Fixed Firefox unexpectedly exiting when leaving Print Preview mode (bug 1611133) Fixed crashes when playing encrypted content on some Linux systems (bug 1614535)
  18. thanks a lot - i dont can really write about the options in w10 because i dont have w10 yet :-) you can also see which drive letters are already in use.
  19. i think about it and i ask me why should ccleaner find this folder if its not there and after this ccleaner report it to you? as far as i know ccleaner find only in system-folder like "temp" for your userprofil and all kind of folders that you want to clean with "custom files and folders" and the include-option. and of course all defined app to clean what you see in the 2 searchboxes "windows" and "applications" if this folder not more on the place ccleaner run to the next cleaning rule or not? it means if there is nothing to clean than is there nothing and no result about this cleaning-point shows you <- perhaps i go wrong with my thinking :-) what have you set in ccleaner with your folder to clean?
  20. oh yes a pic would say more than thousand words perhaps i would do an restart before deleting als temp-files
  21. i dont know how exactly how it calls in english windows versions... Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management (directly under data storage) rightklick on the usb or what you want -> "change drive letter or path" -> kontextmenu click on "to change or add" you can choose your drive letter an it shows you the available driveletters...
  22. what is with an complete restart? from time to time windows have problems with fastboot and an restart is needed.
  23. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.25.0 gorhill released this 9 days ago Changes: Firefox 60+ uBO requires a new permission, dns, which is required to solve issue 780. This may triggers a new permission warning from Firefox when uBO updates to the latest dev build, specifically "Access IP address and hostname information"[1], even though this was already possible for uBO to access that information (through the webRequest API): From now on uBO will CNAME-uncloak network requests. CNAME-uncloaked network requests will appear as blue entries in the popup panel and the logger. The uncloaked entries in the popup panel will also show the related aliases (in smaller characters underneath the canonical names)[2]: Network requests which were blocked, redirected, or excepted by a filter/rule are not uncloaked. Canonical hostnames which are first party to the associated alias hostname are not fed back into uBO's filtering engine. [1] Important: "IP address" refers to the IP address of network requests fired by your browser, not the specific IP address assigned to you, uBO has no access to your specific IP address. [2] Warning: CNAME-aliased hostnames exist most likely for content delivery purpose, i.e. legitimate. Firefox for Android New user interface for the popup panel: This re-design was made in collaboration with Mozilla's Bram Pitoyo. (There is more work left to do.) Closed as fixed: Reverse lookup of filter fails with wildcard-leading patterns Search Bar is partially hidden on list pages "0" prefixes are currently not accepted as valid hosts entries [Regression] Show requests blocked in the logger as a result of csp= option Source list of entity filter with subdomain is not looked up correctly Fanboy's Cookie List moved to better place Cosmetic filtering issue with Shadow DOM/tree/root "::" entry in notracking hosts file blocks URLs containing "::" Adsbygoogle.js injectable does not validate whether iframe going to be injected is already exist or not Address 1st-party tracker blocking Allow clicking on domain to expand it to show hosts Notable commits with no entry in issue tracker: New way to convey IDN and CNAME info in popup panel Harden abort-current-inline-script scriplet Remove "uBlock filters -- Experimental" from stock lists Fix unescaped attr value in generated CSS selector Fix regex-like filter representation in logger Improve neutered Google Analytics replacement scriptlet
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