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  1. sorry about to hear this. if you dont want infos about updates for the next times -> try this: 1.) go in the install-folder of ccleaner -> you see: "ccupdate.exe" -> rename this for example "ccupdate.exe.old" 2.) go into ccleaner -> options -> updates -> "important updates (highly recommended)" -> untick the two options -> "product updates (recommended)" -> untick "show me notifications for these updates" there is a PRO-FEATURE but in the free-version not important (unavailable) another way: block ccleaner internet-requests with your firewall
  2. a wide field. there are the auto start entries, the windows services, the scheduled tasks...
  3. i wish all readers and users merry christmas, relaxing holidays and good times with your family
  4. i think in the free version it works only if you have installed ccleaner "for all users" and you let it run in every sinlge account separatly...
  5. simply you can look at ccleaner options: ccleaner -> options -> users -> there are 3 options. 1. current user only 2. all users (pro) 3. selected users (pro)
  6. hi larry127, i mean the free version doesnt, but the pro version can do it. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/faq/using/does-it-clean-all-the-user-accounts-on-the-computer
  7. trium

    ublock users

    firefox-legacy v1.16.4.12 released this Dec 16, 2019 Change Compute URL of sublists as relative to URL of parent list (pull request by JustOff
  8. ff v68.3.0 esr 03. dec. 2019 Fixed Updates to improve performance and stability (full list of fixes) Various security fixes
  9. ff v71.0 03. dec. 2019 New Improvements to Lockwise, our integrated password manager: Firefox now suggests saved logins from other subdomains of a site Integrated breach alerts from Firefox Monitor are now available to users with screen readers More information about Enhanced Tracking Protection in action: Notifications when Firefox blocks cryptominers A running tally of blocked trackers in the protection panel accessed by clicking the address bar shield Picture-in-picture video comes to Firefox for Windows: Select the blue icon from the right edge of a video to pop open a floating window so you can keep watching while working in other tabs. Learn how the feature works. Native MP3 decoding on Windows, Linux, and macOS Fixed Various security fixes. Changed Configuration page (about:config) reimplemented in HTML Firefox will now ship with Catalan (Valencian) (ca-valencia), Tagalog (tl), and Triqui (trs) Enterprise New kiosk mode functionality, which allows maximum screen space for customer-facing displays Developer Developer Information Added support for developers, including: DevTools’ Network panel can now inspect WebSocket messages and automatically formats a variety of framework formats Console’s new multi-line editor mode provides an IDE-like experience that makes it convenient to iterate on longer code snippets The Network panel’s new resource blocking can simulate the impact of tracking protection, security, service outages, and bad connectivity for more robust testing More features and improvements can be found every release in DevTools’ “What’s New” panel in en-US New videos every week on the Mozilla Developer YouTube channel Improvements to the website certificate viewer, with more features and more detailed information Improvements to the extensions downloads API for handling download failures Extension popup windows now include the extension name instead of its moz-extension:// url when using the windows.create API Extension-registered devtools panels now interact better with screen readers unresolved Some Windows users who had previously installed and uninstalled Comodo antivirus software may not be able to start Firefox. Information on how to resolve this issue is described on support.mozilla.org or in the support knowledgebase.
  10. ... prohibit all internet requests from ccleaner with your firewall - perhaps this will help you
  11. if i may... whats with this download-link? https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download/professional
  12. additional to the pic from nukecad you should use the option "cookies to keep" and take the ones from facebook from the right to the left side. or: you should untick the cleaning-option "cookies" for the used browser you want
  13. ... in this moment i see another translation-improvement the last 2 pics: in english software updater -> second line -> installer size in german software updater -> second line -> Größe des Installationsprogramms perhaps i mean it goes shorter software updater -> second line -> Installationsgröße (simply) or Größe des Updates or Größe Installer
  14. if i may... i found an interesting topic with similar problem and antivirus-software...perhaps it is helpfull. https://forum.piriform.com/topic/55918-ccleaner-installer-crashes/
  15. perhaps easyclean cleans the browser history. i dont know... because it shows me not exactly enough -> i dont use it and for beginners... how should they have to know about it, from where?
  16. ... easyclean has a big weak point - there is no list what easyclean will cleaning perhaps there should be a list for showing the cleaningpoints (without checkable points) only to show the user what ccleaner cleans after start it...
  17. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.24.0 gorhill released this Nov 18, 2019 Changes: The badge for the cosmetic filtering switch in the popup panel has been revisited so that it will from now on be evaluated on-demand only, which occurs when hovering the mouse cursor over the cosmetic filtering switch: Closed as fixed: report-uri / report-to rejector RegExp is broken global onMouseDown handler doesn’t handle SVG links Regression: tabs created by user are closed by popup filter Switch filter inputs to type="search" Performance of the per-site switches counters Expand bidi-trie code to hold more types of filters Block element preview window overlays object to be blocked Notable commits with no entry in issue tracker: Save magic compiled/selfie format values in cache storage Support keyboard shortcut to open popup panel Use request as its own context when none available
  18. Software updater --> on the right side -> the two buttons "update" and "refresh" <--- two different words and meaning/senses in german there -> "aktualisieren" and "aktualisieren" perhaps other translations: refresh = wiederholen/auffrischen/erneuern
  19. for the mods! i was wrong with this category --> please move my topic to Ccleaner Discussion. thanks a lot :-)
  20. display area to small... in english: ccleaner -> options -> privacy -> "privacy policy" in german: ccleaner -> optionen -> privatsphäre -> "...ichtlinie" <--- because the display area was to small (it seems not automatically customizable) there are some letters and/or words missing :-)
  21. the preview junk -window itself (window title) in english -> preview junk in german -> Auf Junk überprüfen <--- Junk? no! perhaps -> Müll anzeigen or better Vorschau Müll or Vorschau Datenmüll
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