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  1. have you more than 1 users on your pc? in your extensions/apps for your browser i read something like "first user" and "persona 1"... perhaps additional run whatelse in the background for another user? as it seems all extensions/apps are for 2 users installed.
  2. hello max2, welcome to the forum have you tryed this? 1,) choose your files you think 2.) take "recovery" -> context-menu will be open to choose your destination 3.) choose your drive
  3. we have to stay fair :-) https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history <--- in v5.64 it was changed
  4. because? the reasoning is the retrospective justification. a few years ago... i dont know what the percentage between standard and slim/portable was... but since a few years without "official" builds-page -> 4 % slim/portable -> who is wondering ... well
  5. anyway... i see also 2 warning points :-) is there also a limitation period? short 10 - 20 years or so? or does it stand for the rest of eternity in the personnel file, as in America?
  6. perhaps Proactive privacy Proactive -> if ticked it runs always in the background privacy -> cleaning ticked browserdatas (with custom clean settings but i dont know...) eventually with windows-temp and profil-temp folder by reaching the choosed data-limit
  7. as far as i know only in parts... you can exlude specific cookies from cleaning. (the cookies from your site) - ccleaner -> options -> cookies -> "cookies to keep" you can untick for your uses browser "internet cache" and "cookies" generally from cleaning. additional "saved form information" and "saved passwords"
  8. yes, perhaps your words/names/titles too. everything is better as "smart cleaning" <--- it says all and nothing about cleaning. all other terms are fine and desribe the sense behind of the main-buttons like custom clean, health check, registry, options, scheduling, disk analyzer etc. --- but smart cleaning ... say... i dont know. also in the german translation says nothing specific i hope that the developers find a new nice title for this cleaning category <- sorry for that work i think the devs have enough other work to do instead of names/titles-finding but i think its necessary and important for exact terms/names
  9. hi fans, in the last few days i was thinking about german translations/corrections etc. of ccleaner... especially the difference between scheduling and smart cleaning and its names and suitable translations. i dont know if "smart cleaning" should be stay as a own name/proper name? smart cleaning translated in german is a very strange name: "Kluge Bereinigung", "Schlaue Bereinigung", "Clevere Bereinigung", "Smarte Bereinigung"... perhaps "Intelligente Bereinigung". but its not a good name/title to choise for a cleaning-option. smart cleaning is not "smarter" as "scheduling" -> the big difference i mean is scheduling = timebased / specific day or week or month cleaning ... (as far as i know and guess with custom clean-settings) smart cleaning = volume/accumulation of amount junk-files to a specific limit of this and/or notification-option before cleaning -perhaps also with custom clean-settings? or only ticked browsers with browser-settings from custom clean-settings + windows-temp-folder-cleaning + user-profile-temp-cleaning?) in this context i have a suggetion for another name/title for this cleaning-option in ccleaner. Pro Active Cleaning --> how think you about this name? i mean that is a much better name / description and can express / describe the actual function behind it much better. another example: Pro Active Data Protection or Pro Active Privacy Protection or what can you imagination what is possible in english? or perhaps a similar name <---- what do you think? (devs, mods, all users of ccleaner...)
  10. hello giglii, i think its a little thing :-) ccleaner -> disc analyzer -> categories -> tick EVERYTHING after this youll become showing your "other files"
  11. i was thinking about "smart cleaning" what is the difference between smart cleaning and scheduling? scheduling = timebased automatic-cleaning - with custom clean-settings? smart cleaning = automatic-cleaning - only data volumes accumulated - without custom clean-settings - only browsers and some other stuff? but why "smart cleaning"? is there no other title possible? a better one? by the way -> should "smart cleaning" stay as a own name / a description / a term also in german language? if not: english: smart cleaning german: Kluge Bereinigung or Schlaue Bereinigung or Smarte Bereinigung or Clevere Bereinigung
  12. ccleaner -> options -> scheduling title english: Schedule Ccleaner to automatically clean your PC german old: Erstellen Sie einen Zeitplan für Ccleaner zur automatischen PC Reinigung german new: Erstelle Zeitplan für Ccleaner zur automatischen PC-Reinigung or Planung für Ccleaner zur automatischen PC-Reinigung english: Run task monthly on specific: o Day(s): o Day(s) of week: german old: Starte Aufgabe monatlich: o Tag(e): o Wochentag(e): german new: Starte Aufgabe monatlich an bestimmten: o Tag(en): o Wochentag(en) <--- (specific = bestimmt) english: Run ccleaner every... of each month... german old: Ccleaner starten jeden... Jeden Monats... german new: Starte Ccleaner jeden... eines jeden Monats...
  13. ccleaner -> options -> include title english: (Advanced users only) title german old: (für Fortgeschrittene) title german new: (nur Fortgeschrittene) or (nur Erfahrene) <--- only = nur english: Custom files to delete and folders to empty german old: Zu bereinigente Dateien und Ordner german new: Ausgewählte Dateien löschen und Ordner leeren
  14. ccleaner -> custom clean -> tab "applicatons" section "utilities" german old: NVIDIA Install Files german new: NVIDIA Installationsdateien section "windows" german old: Game Explorer german new: Spiele-Explorer or Spieleexplorer
  15. ccleaner -> custom clean -> tab "windows" section "windows explorer" 1.) german old: Kürzlich aufgerufene Dokumente german new: Zuletzt verwendete Dokumente <---- the new is shorter (2 less letters) :-) 2.) german old: Taskleiste Jump-Listen german new: Taskleiste Sprunglisten or Taskleiste Sprung-Listen section "system" 1.) german old: Memory Dumps german new: Speicher-Abbilder or Speicherabbilder 2.) german old: CHKDSK Datenfragmente german new: CHKDSK Dateifragmente <--- File = Datei not Daten
  16. ccleaner -> options -> settings (secure deletion) english: wipe cluster tips german: Cluster Tips löschen tips = Hinweis, Verweis (auf etwas)? or im going wrong? <--- in this case perhaps Verweis instead Hinweis german new: Cluster-Verweise löschen -> or -> Lösche Cluster-Verweise ps: another little correction in german as you can see there is missing a "connecting-line" between the two words.
  17. ff v68.7.0 esr 07. april 2020 Fixed Various stability and security fixes
  18. ff v75.0 07. april 2020 New With today's release, a number of improvements will help you search smarter, faster. Type less and find more with Firefox's revamped address bar: Focused, clean search experience that's optimized for smaller laptop screens Top sites now appear when you select the address Improved readability of search suggestions with a focus on new search terms Suggestions include solutions to common Firefox issues On Linux, the behavior when clicking on the Address Bar and the Search Bar now matches other desktop platforms: a single click selects all without primary selection, a double click selects a word, and a triple click selects all with primary selection Firefox will locally cache all trusted Web PKI Certificate Authority certificates known to Mozilla. This will improve HTTPS compatibility with misconfigured web servers and improve security. Firefox is now available in Flatpak, an easier way to install and use Firefox on Linux. Direct Composition is being integrated for our users on Windows to help improve performance and enable our ongoing work to ship WebRender on Windows 10 laptops with Intel graphics cards. Fixed Various security fixes Enterprise Experimental support for using client certificates from the OS certificate store can be enabled on macOS by setting the preference security.osclientcerts.autoload to true. Enterprise policies may be used to exclude domains from being resolved via TRR (Trusted Recursive Resolver) using DNS over HTTPS. Developer Developer Information Save bandwidth and reduce browser memory by using the loading attribute on the <img> element. The default "eager" value loads images immediately, and the "lazy" value delays loading until the image is within range of the viewport. Instant evaluation for Console expressions lets developers identify and fix errors more rapidly than before. As long as expressions typed into the Web Console are side-effect free, their results will be previewed while you type.
  19. ccleaner -> options -> advanced (cleaning results level...) perhaps another translation mistake? i dont know if i understand it with the wrong way... file list = shows every single the junk files advanced report = shows the summary list of all what can ccleaner find with the ticked suboptions of every main-cleaning-point like IE, Firefox, Explorer etc...) i remember me darkly that in the past was an option "summary" but i dont remember what ccleaner-version it was ... 5.xx why dont you call it "summary-list" or similar?`= because ccleaner shows an summary list with all ticked subpoints of mainpoint (IE, Firefox etc) in one summary point the files are counted together in number and size advanced report isnt "erweiterter bericht", rather an summary list (Zusammenfassung)
  20. main-menu "custom clean" german old: Erweiterte Bereinigung <--- why? custom (english) is not erweitert (german) custom clean = Benutzerdefinierte Bereinigung (perhaps its to long for the "custom clean" button) alternativly perhaps "Eigene Bereinigung" or "Selbstgewählte Bereinigung" <------ both are shorter as "benutzerdefinierte Bereinigung"
  21. ccleaner -> options -> advanced (only delete files...) english: 1.) only delete files in windows temp folder older than 24 hours 2.) only delete files in recylce bin older than 24 hours german: 1.) Dateien aus dem Windows Temp Ordner nur löschen, wenn sie älter als 24 Stunden sind 2.) Dateien aus dem Papierkorb nur löschen, wenn sie älter als 24 Stunden sind german new: 1.) Nur Dateien löschen im Windows-Temp Ordner, wenn älter als 24 Stunden 2.) Nur Dateien löschen im Papierkorb, wenn älter als 24 Stunden as you can see, a little bit shorter as before and a little bit better
  22. ccleaner -> options -> advanced (skip user account...) english: skip user account control warning german: Benutzerkontensteuerung Warnung ignorieren "skip" is "überspringen" not "ignorieren" "ignorieren" is "ignore" not "skip" german new: Überspringe Warnung der Benutzerkontensteuerung -> or -> Überspringe Benutzerkontensteuerungs-Warnung -> or -> Benutzerkontensteuerungs-Warnung überspringen
  23. ccleaner -> options -> advanced (jump list) german old: Windows Jump List Aufgaben aktivieren <--- forgot the translation :-) german new: Windows Sprunglisten-Aufgaben aktivieren -> or better -> Aktiviere Windows Sprunglisten-Aufgaben
  24. thanks a lot i hope its not to much i just have a little more time and was able to look more closely. im afraid I may give a few more improvements known...? sorry for the work ccleaner -> options -> advanced (close and shutdown) in this case also a directly addendum to post #1 english: 1.) close program after a custom clean 2.) shutdown after a custom clean german: 1.) Programm nach benutzerdefinierter Bereinigung schließen 2.) Nach Bereinigung herunterfahren perhaps one style instead two differents? german new: 1.) Nach benutzerdefinierter Bereinigung Programm schließen 2.) Nach benutzerdefinierter Bereinigung herunterfahren
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