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  1. ccleaner -> options -> include title english: (Advanced users only) title german old: (für Fortgeschrittene) title german new: (nur Fortgeschrittene) or (nur Erfahrene) <--- only = nur english: Custom files to delete and folders to empty german old: Zu bereinigente Dateien und Ordner german new: Ausgewählte Dateien löschen und Ordner leeren
  2. ccleaner -> custom clean -> tab "applicatons" section "utilities" german old: NVIDIA Install Files german new: NVIDIA Installationsdateien section "windows" german old: Game Explorer german new: Spiele-Explorer or Spieleexplorer
  3. ccleaner -> custom clean -> tab "windows" section "windows explorer" 1.) german old: Kürzlich aufgerufene Dokumente german new: Zuletzt verwendete Dokumente <---- the new is shorter (2 less letters) :-) 2.) german old: Taskleiste Jump-Listen german new: Taskleiste Sprunglisten or Taskleiste Sprung-Listen section "system" 1.) german old: Memory Dumps german new: Speicher-Abbilder or Speicherabbilder 2.) german old: CHKDSK Datenfragmente german new: CHKDSK Dateifragmente <--- File = Datei not Daten
  4. ccleaner -> options -> settings (secure deletion) english: wipe cluster tips german: Cluster Tips löschen tips = Hinweis, Verweis (auf etwas)? or im going wrong? <--- in this case perhaps Verweis instead Hinweis german new: Cluster-Verweise löschen -> or -> Lösche Cluster-Verweise ps: another little correction in german as you can see there is missing a "connecting-line" between the two words.
  5. ff v68.7.0 esr 07. april 2020 Fixed Various stability and security fixes
  6. ff v75.0 07. april 2020 New With today's release, a number of improvements will help you search smarter, faster. Type less and find more with Firefox's revamped address bar: Focused, clean search experience that's optimized for smaller laptop screens Top sites now appear when you select the address Improved readability of search suggestions with a focus on new search terms Suggestions include solutions to common Firefox issues On Linux, the behavior when clicking on the Address Bar and the Search Bar now matches other desktop platforms: a single click selects all without primary selection, a double click selects a word, and a triple click selects all with primary selection Firefox will locally cache all trusted Web PKI Certificate Authority certificates known to Mozilla. This will improve HTTPS compatibility with misconfigured web servers and improve security. Firefox is now available in Flatpak, an easier way to install and use Firefox on Linux. Direct Composition is being integrated for our users on Windows to help improve performance and enable our ongoing work to ship WebRender on Windows 10 laptops with Intel graphics cards. Fixed Various security fixes Enterprise Experimental support for using client certificates from the OS certificate store can be enabled on macOS by setting the preference security.osclientcerts.autoload to true. Enterprise policies may be used to exclude domains from being resolved via TRR (Trusted Recursive Resolver) using DNS over HTTPS. Developer Developer Information Save bandwidth and reduce browser memory by using the loading attribute on the <img> element. The default "eager" value loads images immediately, and the "lazy" value delays loading until the image is within range of the viewport. Instant evaluation for Console expressions lets developers identify and fix errors more rapidly than before. As long as expressions typed into the Web Console are side-effect free, their results will be previewed while you type.
  7. ccleaner -> options -> advanced (cleaning results level...) perhaps another translation mistake? i dont know if i understand it with the wrong way... file list = shows every single the junk files advanced report = shows the summary list of all what can ccleaner find with the ticked suboptions of every main-cleaning-point like IE, Firefox, Explorer etc...) i remember me darkly that in the past was an option "summary" but i dont remember what ccleaner-version it was ... 5.xx why dont you call it "summary-list" or similar?`= because ccleaner shows an summary list with all ticked subpoints of mainpoint (IE, Firefox etc) in one summary point the files are counted together in number and size advanced report isnt "erweiterter bericht", rather an summary list (Zusammenfassung)
  8. main-menu "custom clean" german old: Erweiterte Bereinigung <--- why? custom (english) is not erweitert (german) custom clean = Benutzerdefinierte Bereinigung (perhaps its to long for the "custom clean" button) alternativly perhaps "Eigene Bereinigung" or "Selbstgewählte Bereinigung" <------ both are shorter as "benutzerdefinierte Bereinigung"
  9. ccleaner -> options -> advanced (only delete files...) english: 1.) only delete files in windows temp folder older than 24 hours 2.) only delete files in recylce bin older than 24 hours german: 1.) Dateien aus dem Windows Temp Ordner nur löschen, wenn sie älter als 24 Stunden sind 2.) Dateien aus dem Papierkorb nur löschen, wenn sie älter als 24 Stunden sind german new: 1.) Nur Dateien löschen im Windows-Temp Ordner, wenn älter als 24 Stunden 2.) Nur Dateien löschen im Papierkorb, wenn älter als 24 Stunden as you can see, a little bit shorter as before and a little bit better
  10. ccleaner -> options -> advanced (skip user account...) english: skip user account control warning german: Benutzerkontensteuerung Warnung ignorieren "skip" is "überspringen" not "ignorieren" "ignorieren" is "ignore" not "skip" german new: Überspringe Warnung der Benutzerkontensteuerung -> or -> Überspringe Benutzerkontensteuerungs-Warnung -> or -> Benutzerkontensteuerungs-Warnung überspringen
  11. ccleaner -> options -> advanced (jump list) german old: Windows Jump List Aufgaben aktivieren <--- forgot the translation :-) german new: Windows Sprunglisten-Aufgaben aktivieren -> or better -> Aktiviere Windows Sprunglisten-Aufgaben
  12. thanks a lot i hope its not to much i just have a little more time and was able to look more closely. im afraid I may give a few more improvements known...? sorry for the work ccleaner -> options -> advanced (close and shutdown) in this case also a directly addendum to post #1 english: 1.) close program after a custom clean 2.) shutdown after a custom clean german: 1.) Programm nach benutzerdefinierter Bereinigung schließen 2.) Nach Bereinigung herunterfahren perhaps one style instead two differents? german new: 1.) Nach benutzerdefinierter Bereinigung Programm schließen 2.) Nach benutzerdefinierter Bereinigung herunterfahren
  13. ccleaner -> options -> settings -> section "secure deletion" english: normal file deletion (faster) secure file deletion (slower) <--- one style in english :-) german: Normales Datei-löschen (schneller) Sicheres löschen von Dateien (langsamer) <--- why two different translation-forms (style) Sicheres Datei-löschen (langsamer) (or the other translation way around, must decide the translator) like: Normales löschen von Dateien (schneller) Sicheres löschen von Dateien (langsamer)
  14. ps: the translation updates from above last post are not so important but the 3 red-marked ones definitely nr. 3.) perhaps with this translation it will be possible that the german sentence is 1 line long - not 2!? <--- same as in english :-)
  15. what is PF´s? have you tried the safe mode? does your pc starts? (hdd-leds light up, the fans will start, any usual start noises etc...) or is nothing?
  16. ff v68.6.1 esr 03. april 2020 Fixed Security fixes
  17. ff v74.0.1 03. april 2020 Fixed Security fixes
  18. some other "improvements" or "corrections" :-) ccleaner -> options -> updates english: Control your update experience german: Steuern Sie die Update-Prozesse new: Kontrolliere deine Update-Erfahrung or Kontrolliere dein Update-Erlebnis or Kontrollieren Sie Ihr Update-Erlebnis english: Important Updates (highly recommended) german: Wichtige Updates (dringend empfohlen) new: Wichtige Updates (sehr empfohlen) english: Major updates to ensure that Ccleaner runs safely and smoothly on your system german: Wichtige Updates, die gewährleisten, dass Ccleaner sicher und reibungslos auf Ihrem System läuft new: Haupt-Updates (Große Updates) stellen sicher, dass Ccleaner sicher und rund auf deinem System läuft english: Apply these updates automatically german: Diese Updates automatisch anwenden new: Anwenden dieser Updates automatisch or shorter Updates automatisch anwenden english: Notify me when an update has taken place german: Mich benachrichtigen, wenn ein Update erfolgt ist new: Informiere mich, wenn ein Update eingefügt wurde english: Product Updates (recommended) german: Produkt-Updates (empfohlen) new: english: Updates that deliver the latest product improvements and cleaning updates so Ccleaner can fully clean your computer german: Updates, die die neuesten Produktverbesserungen und Bereinigungs-Updates zur Verfügung stellen, damit Ccleaner Ihren Computer umfassend bereinigen kann new: Updates, welche die neuesten Produkt-Verbesserungen und Säuberungs-Regeln liefern, damit Ccleaner deinen Computer komplett reinigen kann english: Show me notifications for these updates german: Mir Benachrichtigungen für diese Updates anzeigen new: Zeige mir Informationen für diese Updates or Informationen für diese Updates anzeigen english: Perform these updates manually german: Diese Updates manuell ausführen new: Ausführen dieser Updates manuell or perhaps shorter Updates manuell ausführen english: Apply these updates automatically german: Diese Updates automatisch anwenden new: Anwenden dieser Updates automatisch or perhaps shorter Updates automatisch anwenden only for example :-)
  19. hi fans, on the internet-page of ccleaners version-history are the links about the product news not so new as we can see... version the last update was 22. august 2019 --> on the right side of the webpage (scroll down to update from ccleaner v5.63 from 15. oct. 2019 => look at the right side) https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history
  20. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history
  21. hi bjb26, perhaps you have ticked "apply these updates automatically"? if you dont want autoupdates, untick the options or set on "manually" (perhaps block the internet-access for ccleaner with your firewall)
  22. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.26.0 gorhill released this Apr 3, 2020 Closed as fixed: Remove Adblock Warning Removal Add a way to blanket-except blocked cname-based requests uBO icon in Manage Your Extensions disappears in the offline mode Add remove-class scriptlet Picker-window doesn't appear if images on a site is chosen uBlock Origin v1.25.0 new feature cause DNS leaks Ability to remove DOM element instead of hiding? Notable commits with no entry in issue tracker: Use prime number to generate cache-bypass token Allow empty needle in BidiTrieContainer.lastIndexOf() Reorganize filter instances deduplication code Add filter instance deduplicater in static net filtering engine Add support for cname type and denyallow option Support line continuation in filter lists Improve window.open-defuser scriptlet Improve validation of CSS selector-based cosmetic filters Add procedural cosmetic operators remove() and upward() Improve set-constant.js scriptlet
  23. here perhaps a translation mistake...? custom clean -> browser cleaning boxes (firefox and chrome) the last point in each case (see the pic below) english "compact databases" -> current german translation "Datenbanken komprimieren" <- really? is this meant? -> "compress databases" or "compacting databases" i think perhaps only "kompakte Datenbanken" or "komprimierte Datenbanken"
  24. i cant see the option "remove" on "startup" -> windows services" you have only access to the windows services if you tick "advanced mode" without "advanced mode" you dont see windows-services, "delete" is available on "windows" section but there you cant windows services disable or delete - only third-party as i can see. perhaps should the devs let ccleaner dislay an notify by tick this option <- a suggestion for the near future? "warning - with this option you have access to windows-services and you can damage your system... blabla etc."
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