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  1. @JT1 if you dont want the autoupdater-service -> go to the ccleaner folder -> rename "ccupdater.exe" to for example "ccupdater_old.exe" -> after restart this service should not there... and this background service is deactivated
  2. hi fans, i read this interesting news from microsoft...
  3. perhaps helps a microsoft-answer for another installationsproblem ;-) try the installation for your wife from folder "downloads" <--- move the installer in this folder and install it from there this is from a troubleshooting
  4. let us be glad that he is healthy again. :-) a few pounds less has never harmed anyone - so to say an involuntary diet or something
  5. perhaps this would explain the download or better the not download...
  6. my laptop has also an intel i5 mobile-cpu with integreted graphic (intel hd graphics 4000) and w8.1 64 bit as nukecad meant perhaps an problem with graphic driver or w10?
  7. @racydex only into the blue -> have you tryed to RESTART (not shutdown) with your w10? from hazelnut in the past i became the info that since w8 there is an "softstart" enabled per default in windows. from time to time there are funny effects and an RESTART can help -> the one or another settings can be changed with an restart was not work with an softstart (shutdown). perhaps the problem go from itself away :-) this is only a little wish
  8. here another documentation with a little bit more informations: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/204043884-Using-CCleaner-s-Drive-Wiper please dont use it on your ssd.
  9. hello alan, here the documentation for this: https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/using-ccleaner/wiping-free-disk-space
  10. perhaps should racydex try the portable build or the slim one, if this problem to be there too... https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  11. thanks :-) i must wait for the download to the end of this month because i have a slow connection (datavolume is down) only 5-8 kb/s :-) but after this i will download and use it :-)
  12. option "site preferences" -> as far as i can see only showing for firefox cleaning settings i dont know exactly what is meant with this cleaning-option - i find this from mozilla and perhaps some of this would be cleaned and this from http://www.brightfort.com/sb-link/sitepreferencesfix.html but i think the translation could be changed. ccleaner -> custom clean -> applications -> firefox: english: Site Preferences german old: Seiten Eigenschaften german new: Seiten-Präferenzen or Seiten-Einstellungen or Seiten-Voreinstellungen or Seiten-Bevorzugungen or Seiten-Vorgabe or ... perhaps the official translator knows a better term
  13. another question is this case... ie11 is at the end - not good functionality - especially for the further steps of internet. is ms edge (new one) available for windows 8.1? shoult i (normal user of w8.1) install this as a replacement for ie11? or perhaps bring microsoft this as an optional update/upgrade?
  14. perhaps indirectly... 1.) ccleaner -> options -> tick "custom files and folders" 2.) if you use the include-option. ccleaner -> options -> include -> add your folder/files you want cleaned/deleted 3.) ccleaner -> options -> settings -> secure deletion: tick "secure file deletion (slower)" <-- simpel overwrite (1 pass) should be enough but your choice + tick the subcategories like "wipe cluster tips" if you want ps: i dont know if this would work in the way i think and describe for your usage! - perhaps one of the mods can this explain better or discard...
  15. yes you have right. in a matter of fact - this is no option in ccleaner! -> you ask for an option like "file shredding"? (delete one or more file(s) and only wipe this deleted file(s)-data) with ccleaner you cant delete a file/data permanently! - only available options are this was nukecad and andavari said. ps: perhaps would this be a nice suggestion from the topic-opener? <- add an option "file shredder" or so the basic-settings are already exists in ccleaner - i mean
  16. i see now at the moment the history of the european royals on tv -a documentation the "father" of all european royal families -> leopold the I., first king of belgium 1831 (from royal house of Sachsen-Coburg). the famous queen victoria (half german - her mother was also a royal from house sachsen-coburg but her father was edward-augustus from german royals house Hannover) was married with prince albert (sachsen-coburg) -> the nephew of Leopold the I., King of Belgium before that there was an union between great britain and german royal house of hannover since 1710 or so. with the end of the throne of Victoria the house Hannover was over and the house sachsen-coburg takes it over also the not less famous queen Elizabeth II. married with prince consort Philip (also a german royal house) - with the exception of Monaco and the royal family of the Netherlands - i find that really fascinating
  17. i think the minimum of freespace is still up to date and regardless of the total size of a disk. 800 mb or 800 gb or 8 tb -> if the disk is full over 90 % have the defragmenter many work and perhaps not enough space to move fragmentet pieces of files to another place on the drive in one fragment. the 90 % becomes more holes between the deframentation and it would be difficult to move fragmentet pieces of files to some places in one continously file/s especially with 4 gb files and larger the best job is to copy such files to another disk/usb/whatelse - defrag the "normal sized" files on the hdd/sdd and after this copy the large files back to the old location on the disk. -> the positive effect? - the large files are very likely to be moved automatically as a whole. but not definitifly
  18. you can also take a look in: ccleaner -> tools -> startup -> windows services (there are showing you non-windows-services like google chrome startups)
  19. i see there something from google i dont use google chrome (only iron) and i dont know if can give you a good advice... you can try some "disable" i see in the first pic 2 google entrys -> try "disable" and look after this how is your google chrome working... also in your second pic your marked 2 google-update entrys - try disable and if its work - if not in your way - reactivate it the same i mean should you do for your second windows-profil dont forget the restart :-)
  20. i mean that reall cause the red marked google-apps are the trouble - especially google drive with its synchronization...
  21. as nukecad meant perhaps look at this 3 points if "google stuff" are running...
  22. have you more than 1 users on your pc? in your extensions/apps for your browser i read something like "first user" and "persona 1"... perhaps additional run whatelse in the background for another user? as it seems all extensions/apps are for 2 users installed.
  23. hello max2, welcome to the forum have you tryed this? 1,) choose your files you think 2.) take "recovery" -> context-menu will be open to choose your destination 3.) choose your drive
  24. we have to stay fair :-) https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/version-history <--- in v5.64 it was changed
  25. because? the reasoning is the retrospective justification. a few years ago... i dont know what the percentage between standard and slim/portable was... but since a few years without "official" builds-page -> 4 % slim/portable -> who is wondering ... well
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