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  1. I started up CCleaner and got a notification of a version. So, I click on it and get this webpage: "A new version, 4.18.4844 is available to download!"Yet when clicking on the links, you get this instead: Home>Windows Apps>System Tuning>Cleaning and Tweaking>CCleaner 4.18.4842
  2. Ok, I find the solution. Somehow, "Clear History When Firefox Closes" under "Privacy" in "Options" was checked. In the "Settings" of "Clear History," "Cache" was checked. Every since I started using CCleaner almost 4 years ago, I never checked "Clear History" for obvious reasons. "Unchecking "Clear History" fixed the problem as CCleaner showed the cache after analysis. The strange thing is that "Internet History" did appear in the analysis despite that it was unknowingly checked and obviouisly not cleared when Firefox closed.
  3. Last week, CCleaner 4.11 stopped detecting FF28's cache during analysis. This week, I updated to 4.12 and still have the same problem. I did increase the cache size from 350 MB to 1000MB prior to 4.12's installtion. I'm using Windows XP SP3.
  4. I download CCleaner v4.10.4570 and notice that it doesn't completely clean the session and download history completely in Firefox 26. It sometimes leaves one file name in "Downloads" and just as I started Firefox to make this post, Firefox asked if I wanted to restore a session from yesterday.
  5. Jormungandr


    I downloaded CCleaner 4.05.4250 today. First, thank you for adding Open Office 4 to it. However, I also noticed "NVIDIA" is now listed under utilities. Since NVIDIA is my video driver and I didn't know what CCleaner would to do it or its effects on it, I unchecked it. So, what does CCleaner do to it? What's deleted?
  6. Could you re-add Open Office to CCleaner? Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1 has been out for a while.
  7. Sorry, I forgot to delete two files to push the Recycle Bin total over 2GB. CCleaner seems to be working now for over 2 GB files, as came be seen by the log. Although "Run (In Start Menu)" isn't being deleted. The only thing different between the activity in this log and when I noticed the error in the new CCleaner is I had started the previous CCleaner, updated to the new version and then used it. Before doing this log, I had shutdown for several hours and started my computer. I don't know if that had anything to do with it. Here's a log for over 3 GB, which are "MoscuvyEdit" (2GB) and "
  8. Sorry, I was going by Post #7. Here it is for CCleaner 3.15.1463: 02:15:39:937500[iNFO ] CCleaner v3.15.1643 02:15:39:937500[iNFO ] MS Windows XP Professional SP3 02:15:39:937500[iNFO ] AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3800+ 02:15:39:937500[iNFO ] 958MB RAM 02:15:39:937500[iNFO ] NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE 02:15:39:937500[iNFO ] Application Started 02:15:39:937500[DEBUG] Error loading branding.dll - 0x490: Element not found. 02:15:44:046875[DEBUG] OnBegin | Preview = 1 02:15:44:046875[DEBUG] OnRuleStarted | 3001 | 3101 | Temporary Internet Files 02:15:44:046875[DEBUG] C:\Document
  9. I just wanted to tell you that I've downloaded and installed CCleaner 3.15.1643 and it still has the same problem.
  10. Ok, I've run the debug mode three times and nothing is happening, except for a "No Update Availible" when CCleaner starts up. I don't see a debug log being created or if it was where it would be located. Exactly what should be happening when I perform this? Also, I noticed when I did a second attempt and when I ran in normal mode that CCleaner didn't wipe Run in the Start Menu. Any additional help would be appreciated
  11. I haven't received a response on how to create a debug log. Any help? Also, CCleaner will now only report under 2 GB deleted. If I have, for example, two files that are 1.5 GB each, it will only report 1.5 GB deleted. Not 3.0 GB deleted.
  12. CCleaner 3.14.1616 (I have Windows XP SP3) seems to be having trouble reporting files in the Recycle Bin larger than 2 GB wiped. During the analysis it will show the correct size of all the files in the Recycle Bin and I will see it wipe it. However, when the final report is shown, the file size wiped for the Recycle Bin will be smaller. Checking My Computer shows the file had been wiped or at least deleted and I regained the space.
  13. Recently, I update VLC Player to 1.1.9 on two computers and noticed that CCleaner no longer deletes the file names from "Recent Media." I hope this is fixed soon.
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