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  1. i don't know if this is a bug or a future enhancement when you go to sites like yahoo or msnbc they show local news based on your zipcode, i'm trying to clean my system so that those sites show no zipcode found i'm using xp, ie8 and ccleaner 227 latest i turned off autocomplete in ie8 and manually deleted the autocomplete data i checked all 6 boxes in the ie8 'delete browsing history' form and unchecked the 'preserve' box and ran that in ccleaner i checked every box under 'internet explorer', 'windows explorer', 'system' and checked the boxes for 'old prefetch data', 'user assist history' and 'iis log files' under the advanced options i unchecked the advanced ccleaner box 'only delete files in windows temp folders older than 24 hours' i don't know where it's actually stored but they still knew my zipcode without logging in. i have a yahoo email but the zip in my yahoo profile is different... if anybody knows where they are getting my zipcode from i'd appreciate hearing about it
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