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  1. found the wallpaper on deviantArt recently. I love it also, Dechristianize is one really good song
  2. originally from Bulgaria but i now live in California. in Arnie Voice:I love to be the governor of California
  3. that has got to be the most useless extension that exists for firefox. when i used it, my website(which is now non-existent) wouldn't work. Stay away from that extension!!! on another note, Opera doesn't suffer from the freezing bug like IE does. Unlike in Firefox(where supposedly you have to use noscript to prevent it), Opera does it out of the box!
  4. in Pitjantjatjara, piri means nail or claw https://secure.wikimedia.org/wiktionary/en/wiki/piri
  5. get the file, name a folder called userjs(wherever you want to make it), then go to Tools > Preferences > Advanced > Content > JavaScript Options, and in the place where it says User JavaScript Files, write out where the folder is(or use the dialog thingy). also, make sure that oSpell.js is in the folder.
  6. i have another suggestion. it's much better than using Aspell use oSpell
  7. you don't. that's why it's a load of crap.
  8. my electronics teacher said something similar. Although he was an idiot...
  9. closest thing i found to a changelpg This Autoruns update adds a number of additional locations that can be configured to auto-start software during boot and logon and runs as standard user on Windows Vista by default, allowing administrators to elevate, if desired, by using a new menu option.
  10. i'm trying it our right now. It seems to work so far. When i installed it, i had to wait a little bit so that the fast scan would end but it did. one quirk that i don't like about it is that when you try to launch a program, it displays a notification that it's trying to run. Other than that, it seems to work great. also, it seems that my internet has slowed down a little. don't know if the program has anything to do with it though...
  11. Peer Guardian is the most useless program that i have ever used on my computer. I used it and i got more problems than i was asking for. After speaking with a couple of people, i realized that the program does absolutely nothing at all. btw, utorrent.com is blocked by Peer Guardian. The people running it are way too paranoid. as for ?Torrent, i love it. But i am not a fan of the new versions. right now, i'm using uTorrent revision 2595 or something like that. The newer builds have some weird thing in the GUI which just kills it's beauty. It also felt slower...
  12. it's faster than OOo. Other than that, it's not that great. it has issues loading OOo files and maybe a couple of others. The interface also looks ugly in Windows.
  13. that guitar is really cool. it's got a floyd rose and seymour duncans *slobbers* it's also great to play on stage
  14. 1)don't see why you would want to. The default configuration is fine. 2)Not really a necessity. also note that IE7Pro is a third party tool as well as Ad-Block. 3)Opera doesn't either but a little bit more functionality in Safari would be nice(out of the box that is) 4)Bookmarks are a thing of the past . Opera's startbar wins 5)i kind of agree with you there. When i used Safari, it didn't open any links in a new tab for some reason. When i forcefully open them in new tabs, it just doesn't feel right. At least they're better than IE7's tabs... 6)Safari was faster for me.
  15. Safari is not worse than IE. It's much much better.
  16. i use Glassic. Really nice blend of Classic and the Glass effect of Vista. Really thin titlebar too! I've been using it for a really long time and i think i'll continue using it for a long time http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/47170768/
  17. i tried it. It's pretty nice considering the text rendering is better than Microsoft's crap implementation of ClearType. But it just has too much features that are missing. I'm sticking with Opera.
  18. takes ages to load. well not ages but certainly longer than Opera. didn't test with IE7 though... didn't like it that much. it didn't offer anything that Opera doesn't
  19. XviD is. the current CVS(version 1.2) has experimental(or maybe not experimental) support for multi-threading which is quite nice.
  20. too bad i like XviD instead of DivX
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