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  1. this theme is dead sexy. i think i might revive the Themes service so that i can use it.
  2. i tried playing some WavPack files(galess since they're...lossless) and i didn't see any gaplessness there so i guess it only works with WMA and maybe mp3. same for me. both IE7 and WMP11 are really slow and ugly. and since Vista is made to look similar to those applications, then there's almost no point in getting Vista. i originally planned to get Vista because of WinFS but since they left that out, i'm not gonna bother.
  3. i've heard bad things about Zune such as when you transfer your files over to it, it automatically adds DRM to the files(as well as a limited time for playing the songs). as for WMA Encoder Pro, i believe that it uses algorithms which are also used in AAC(including Parametric Stereo and Spectral band replication). that just makes me wonder if it's legal or not since AAC is patented. as for WMP11, it's slow as hell. the GUI looks ugly; but aside from that, when i had it on shuffle, it took 5 to 10 seconds just to pick another song. i also saw that gapless playback was missing which is not g
  4. if you haven't, try fully erasing the CD-RW(i know Nero has a quick erase and a full erase option).
  5. how are you trying to erase your CD-RWs? via explorer?
  6. you like spreading false info, don't you? mplayer does NOT play every format. do you really thing it's going to play those 8-bit formats that were present on those old Ataris? second of all, vlc and mplayer are both based on ffmpeg(which pretty much means that they use the SAME decoders). but if you're REALLY concerned about HD space, then yeah, mplayer would be the best solution. but if you want more simplicity in your listening or viewing experiance, then mpc with ffdshow or vlc is a better solution.
  7. my main reason for not liking it is its resizing of a movie. for instance, if you play a movie and add subttiles to it, it plays fine. but, if you use MPUI to make it fullscreen, the subtitles don't show up in the black line while if you run mplayer in console mode, the subtitles in fullscreen go to the black area and let me see the movie like i should be seeing it. the black icons that it has suck as well. and also, the seekbar doesn't work like it should. it only goes up to 10 seconds or more, but i guess that's allright.
  8. he said a "decent" front-end. MPUI is horrible
  9. MPlayer is very nice, but i personally prefer Media Player Classic and ffdshow. MPlayer's lack of a good GUI is a big downside(MPUI is decent but not that great)
  10. RoboForm might be what you're looking for if you need IE integration. but if you want a separate application that isn't integrated with IE, then you might want to take a look at KeePass
  11. http://www.pdf2exe.com/reader.html it's even smaller than Foxit. anywho, anyone wanna try it?
  12. i don't have it installed, but just to be safe, i would uninstall the beta first before proceding.
  13. JohnDemolition

    IE 7

    it's not really a problem. it's a feature. it also happens with IE6 so don't bother.
  14. http://www.filehippo.com/download_microsof...ware/changelog/ looks like Microsoft is starting to come out of all of their betas
  15. just got it too after googling it. so i guess that it has nothing to do with OpenDNS then. but i still wonder why Google even considers bootdisk.com a bad site.
  16. it could be a firefox extension that you're using since that picture that you showed does not say OpenDNS anywhere.
  17. i got a diffrent result when OpenDNS blocked a bad website. here it is.
  18. i just tried that and i didn't get that warning. are you sure it was OpenDNS that did it?
  19. probably. you could just re-size the partitions continuously and put the data from 1 partition to the other(NTFS to ReiserFS or w/e you're gonna use).
  20. why do you people even need to get rid of ctfmon?
  21. no its not. unless i've missed something. and microsoft is shooting itself in the foot IMO. back to the topic: that's pretty sweet. i don't think i'm even going to bother uninstalling it edit: bah. it doesn't work when you use the explorer bar
  22. use Media Player Classic to play the files. MPC is simply the best DVD player, Period. also, if you want to get rid of the codec pack to save space, you can get ffdshow which is just 2MB and will be able to play most formats. it's located at http://www.ffdshow.info . it's not official but it seems that milan cutka has stopped updating it
  23. JohnDemolition

    Avi files

    since we're all posting our foobies, i'll give mine. i just love the way that it's set up. as for winamp, i will never go back to that player. i need a good and visible program so i can see all of my songs clearly. Winamp...just doesn't have what it takes to make me like it. back to the original topic: installing ffshow and enabling most or all of the formats that it supports should be able to playback the file since AVI is a container format. ffdshow takes little space too.
  24. are you sure it uses DivX? if you have Media Player Classic, you can check by clicking Properties. and also, .avi files are not only used to store DivX files but WMP, H.264, and many others. i personally am not sure what Nero uses to parse and burn the .avi file to a DVD. if it uses VFW(Video for Windows), then ffdshow might be your best shot. if it uses a Codec, then ffdshow as well. or you could grab the official DivX codec from filehippo(although that one doesn't uninstall itself properly). btw, to get ffdshow, go to http://www.ffdshow.info
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