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  1. the other day, i went to pantheraproject.net to download shareaza. i did, and i saw a version 6. i felt it was fake so i didn't finish the installation. but after i restarted my computer, my desktop icons were gone. The folder is still there with everything but the desktop just doesn't want to show up. I can't even use my mouse to make selection boxes.


    I've checked autorun programs, open processes, explorer extensions, HijackThis, Spybot, and it seems that everything's clean. My guess is that there's some kind of registry tweak going on here. Any ideas?

  2. Miranda is the lightest of all the IM apps I have tried but also the most difficult to set up.

    for me, it probably took at most 5 minutes. i use the classic clist so there's not much setting up to do.

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