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  1. No worries and thanks you did not know that re I will never quite understand why people will WFS every time ccleaner is run. It's pointles and causes unnesserssery strain on your HD. Now I do thank you So in your opinion, how often would you run cccleaner with that function enabled? I will untick the box thank you for being patient
  2. G'day and thank you for your reply... sorry, will try and make my problem clearer I run cc cleaner almost every day; sometimes more than once a day as I do ALOT of computer work WHEN I run it, and WHEN it gets to 99 percent done, it shows the WIPE CLEAN message...which says I have 49.4 MB to clean EACH AND EVERY TIME I run cc cleaner it then proceeds to wipe clean the 49.4 MB (which takes quite a while) and then completes its function to 100 percent 1) I have plenty of space left on my hard drive 2) I think the program does not need to WIPE CLEAN the exact same amount o
  3. G'day and thank you for the prompt reply! I have the box checked each time I use EACH time I use, it still wants to wipe clean the 49.4 MB So am trying to see how I can get the option to work, but you can't tell me each and every time I use, the same amount needs to be wiped eh? Thank you and look forward to resolving this PS GREAT product....highly recommend and have to all my friends
  4. Gday! I am having trouble with version V2.27.1070 When I click on the cleaner, at 99 percent, it says WIPE CLEAN SPACE 49.4 MB and continues to do it each and every time I use it I have Interent Explorer 8.0 and Modzilla have accepted cookies, no firewall and security blocking it from running ok was working fine until upgraded to this version Can you please help? Look forward to your reply
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