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  1. Update: Still happening in 1.16.317. http://speccy.piriform.com/results/by4gM3otpuvOfXQTtluPBrD This is the latest published Specy snapshot I've done. CPU and GPU (board/core) temperatures are still not found.
  2. I've been a Speccy user since the very beginning-- always worked with all of my hardware, and became a staple tool on my flashdrives for identifying hardware in machines I work on without having to crack open the case. Since the beginning, however, I've had a bit of a problem that has been bothering me as of yet. I have a relatively old board from 2004 in one of my towers, an EPoX EP-8RDA6+PRO, a Socket 462 (A) board with an Athlon XP 2700+ stuck on it... Also has onboard an Nvidia nForce2 Ulltra 400 northbridge as well. Speccy sees all of this fine, and gives a temperature reading of 40C for the board, possibly the chipset temperature, but I don't know. Besides, the hard drives, this is the only sensor that it's able to pick up. There's sensors for the CPU and all that which aren't being seen. Specifically the Athlon XP, which I'm able to see in other tools fine. The other one bothering me is my graphics card. I have an ATI Radeon X850XT Platinum Edition 256M, which has sensors on it, but are also not being seen. There's a sensor for the PCB temperature, as well as the core, and fan speed as well. These show up with other programs, but nowhere in Speccy, and this is a real letdown. I used to have an eVGA Nvidia GeForce 6200 A-LE connected to this board that Speccy saw fine, as well. However, that board would make Speccy crash if I was not running it via a Remote Desktop Connection. This board has been running strong, and I use it daily... It's not in a spot I can access easily, hence why I use RDP to connect and drive it. A link to my most recent published Speccy report can be found here: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/2Ak70zOugcosOgcpfNFQDZm Also attached here is a screenshot of my Speccy readout: Note that Speccy is also reading two of my SATA drives as SCSI devices. If this gets fixed, thank you in advance. Otherwise, at least I've reported that it's not working right.
  3. I recently upgraded Speccy on a test machine that I have set up with Win7 SP1. When I start it up and it gets done requesting information, I get this unknown, albeit unneeded graph under the CPU field. Something tells me this is supposed to be for the CPU temperature, which, under a different program, CPUID HWMonitor, shows up as CPUTIN from the motherboard. I'm providing a snapshot link and an image. My motherboard is an EPoX EP-8RDA6+PRO with the latest August 2006 BIOS. the temperature provided in the image is the correct thermal value and shows the same in other programs. Please also note that the two 39.1GB Seagate ST340014AS hard drives are two seperate entities and not duplicates. Speccy 1.09.231 Snapshot As you can tell from the snapshot, this installation is relatively new. it was done to see why Speccy would lock up the system (all builds before this one, this was untested) when it asked for hard drive info. I later found out this was user error and was related to the hard drive the system had been in before, running XP Media Center 2005 SP3. Another note, When the CPU is at stock speeds, my board correctly identifies it as an Athlon XP 2700+. When overclocked, as it is now (Stock speed is 166MHz x 13 for 2.16GHz, current overclocked and stable speed is 200 x 11 for 2.2GHz at a higher FSB and therefore using the full potential of the DDR-400 memory installed), it only shows as an Athlon XP and nothing more. This shows up either way, though, so I'm guessing it's more of a sensor problem than it is a board problem. I love Speccy and the ease it has brought me as a PC repair guy. When I have to make a quote on how much a repair is going to cost, the first thing I do is drop in my flashdrive with Speccy and use it to get details about the parts that make up the PC. I don't have to get down on my hands and knees and dirty myself opening up the client's PC! I just thought I'd bring this problem up as my CPU does have a thermal diode and is reporting it properly in other programs made by CPUID as well as others that use the same engine that CPUID HWMonitor is built upon (OCCT benchmarking). As I said, Speccy is wonderful and I don't leave home without it. little problems like this are the kind that I try to avoid if at all possible, because getting a temperature any other way requires installing programs on the client's PC, something I don't do without their explicit permission... and in that case wastes more time that I could be using diagnosing the actual problem. Thanks for taking the time to read my wall of text... but hey, all bug reports are good bug reports, I guess!
  4. This is a wonderful idea, and if implemented the settings can go into an area of the (currently very small) options dialog. I just posted a topic about a completely unrelated problem I have, but indeed, I did notice the snapshot file is a smidge too long. I think the problem I see with it is that anyone who views the snapshot can see the services you have running and stopped, as well as the tasks that are currently running (if any) and although it doesn't give any identifiable information (save for your computer name on the network if you didn't set it to anything other than yournamehere-PC at startup), it seems like just a bit too much for my liking. Seeing as Speccy is gradually adding in new features and fixing small bugs and stability issues, I can see this happening sometime in the near future, possibly around the time 1.12 or 1.15 is out, given that something like this isn't being held off for a 1.20 release. but I'm getting ahead of myself. For all I know, this sort of thing is already being tested.
  5. Confirmed for Speccy 1.09 as well with MSSE installed. Mine.
  6. Hey Piriform! Love Speccy! I recently had someone who uses Windows Milennium Edition almost exclusively (Don't Ask), try Speccy on their PC to see if it worked, because Ccleaner I know works in Win9x/Me. When he first initially started it up, it gave him an error of a missing WINHTTP.DLL file. After pulling this from a WinXP install he had on another PC, it worked fully for him, with no problems, it seems. Although Win9x/Me is outdated and now at its end of product life as of a few years ago, I thought I'd bring this to your attention, if you already didn't know about it, that it works.
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