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  1. Just to show it still becomes slow once after a while... -Defragged a partition so no fragmented files were left -analysed: 0 fragments -then made a full defrag so it puts large files at the end of the partition -after some time it just... stops. It shows defragmenting a file, for like 5 minutes. then i see another file, for another 5 minutes and so on. -stopped defragmenting -analysed: 30 fragments with 700mb maybe we should call it fragmentingprogram?
  2. hmm ok then i have to write my own winapp2.ini but could someone tell me how i can delete subfolders as well with an entry? |*.* only deletes all files within the folder i written to, but not subfolders and the files in there Edit: ok i found it i guess. should be a |RECURSE after the *.* thanks
  3. Hello there I just found this forum and read some about the embedded ini-files and downloaded them. Taking a look at them, it seems, that only the paths are written into it, where the program usually installs itself. But I am one of the people installing the program not only on another partition but also into another folderstructure. So for example the Driver Cleaner Pro is to be found at D:\programme\driver\Driver Cleaner Pro for me and not %program files%\Driver Cleaner Pro Does this changes the possibility of CCleaner to clean certain programs? Driver Cleaner Pro isn't in the list of applications in CCleaner
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