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    Duplicate files

    my problem is: this is a new computer and I injected files from several sources, can't find anything, so I have to sort out this mess. First thing is to delete duplicate, triplicate and more.... 1 GB and 7,000 files is nothing for you???
  2. Nat22

    Duplicate files

    hi, I downloaded and scanned my computer with Auslogics . It is free but not easy! First it found 6543 duplicate files occupying 9 MB, since I am totally new, I went through them all one by one, selected those that I wanted to delete............ It says that I need TO DELETE AN ENTIRE BLOCK. Of course, it is not what I want! Just one or two files in each block. So I scanned again this morning, now there are more than 7000 files occupying 1GB. Big blocks!!! It seems crazy. I emailed them, but they didn't reply. Anyone could help me, please? I would be very grateful. Thanks a lot.
  3. Hello, I used to have 3 computers until a few months ago, connected in network. Now I have only one of them. That means that I had a lot of info, docs and photos in it. But when I had to use only this one, I copied everything to an external HD, then injected in it. Now, there is a real mess, many photos in many different places, also documents of all kind. I tried to look on the internet to get some software to free like... half my hard drive, but there are many, and after reading your posts, i am scared to run a program that will damage the rest of my stuff. Could anyone give me an opinion, about a free software, I don't have movies or other MP3 files (well... some but they are not duplicated). I thank you very much. Afterward, I will run Ccleaner . I know everything about a screenshot!
  4. Nat22

    Completely lost :(

    Hi, I hope you had a Merry Christmas I looked all over, tried some of the sites suggested, and finally installed Fast autoscreen recorder. Not sure I am a pro yet , let's see what it does, but I still have no control. So far, I always copied a screenshot to a Word doc.... BTW I use only Firefox with Win XP Pro, once in a while IE when I have no other choice.. I download Ccleaner from Filehippo, and just downloaded the new version. Anyway, I browsed the Piriform forum a lot, and saw a program to recover lost programs... No, it doesn't work, I have much more to learn, it appears as a video.... of 50 MB Arrrggg... I have to read the help more carefully, it seems I have no other choice, of course I should have... but I get the same files in Ccleaner. thanks and I will come back when I can do more
  5. Hi, I have been using Ccleaner for a long time, never got a problem. I am afraid I stayed a while without using it. As usual, it asked me if I wanted to update with the new version... Of course! So I got v2.26.1050 I recognize nothing. It used to ask me what files I wanted to delete, today it seems it is asking me to delete PROGRAMS!!! . I did the same settings. I attach the shot screen it shows. Errr.... it says I am not permitted to upload this type of file (I saved it in a Word doc. But of course I have no idea what I am ALLOWED to upload. Could you please help me? I thank you very much.
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