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  1. Recuva version 1.44.778 WinXP (32bit) SP3 3Gb RAM CPU: AMD Athon II X2 245 Onboard Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4200 I too experienced this "Ran of out Memory Error". I just used shift-delete on a folder containing mp3s, and tried to use Recuva. But I would like to note that I installed Recuva on C drive and the deleted files were located on my external F drive. So this installation could not overwrite these files. I did nothing else between deleting the files and using Recuva. I only installed the software. I knew exactly where the files were and used the wizard. (selected file type: music, selected last known parent folder) But I get error message "F:Ran out of Memory" after stage 1 completes. My F drive (ext HDD) has 435Gb of free disk space. On my second attempt I also ran windows task manager to track the memory usage. Here's what occurred: During stage 1, memory usage grew steadily from 800Mb to 2470Mb (Page File usage, there was still plenty of physical memory remaining) Then during stage 2, memory usage began to drop then the error message appeared. 1. I didn't run out of HDD space. 2. I didn't run out of RAM. So what does this message mean? Does this error message secretly imply that it couldn't find any deleted files and they are unrecoverable?
  2. I just tried Recuva v1.33.451 in an attempt to recover a deleted .wtv file. Recuva failed to find it. This .wtv file is a recorded TV file for Media Center and its size was 8Gb. I deleted the file using SHIFT+DELETE and then realized the mistake. The good news is that this file was on an external USB HDD using NTFS and I haven't made any changes to the HDD since the indicdent. So I'm assuming the data still exists. However, I'm unfamiliar with the behaviors of Vista64 and its actions on .wtv files. After using Recuva 1.33, the only file that your program found was an unrecognizable .sf file that is 8.5Mb. 1. Do you know what this smaller .sf file is? 2. Is there a filesize limit to Recuva? 3. I'm wondering if it is possible to recover .wtv files which are an encrypted format. 4. I'm wondering if .wtv is really a metafile which references multiple files (streams). This implies that several files are related to one another and that they all need to be recovered in order for the main reference file to become viewable and usable to the user. Lastly, I'm wondering if someone at Piriform has been able to successfully recover a "permanently deleted" .wtv file (>7Gb - 1 hour show in HiDef)?
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