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  1. Thanks Glen but neither of the above links have helped other than to confirm that other users also have the same frustration. This does seem to be a Ccleaner bug in the new version as this hasn't happened in previous versions. Also I see other users also report this problem in the latest version and not previous ones. This is a major problem for me as I need to keep cookies of sites that I have specific setups for.
  2. Hi I am a long time user of CCleaner. I upgraded to v1.25.201 a few days ago. When I go to Options/Cookies the "Cookies to Delete" panel remains empty! The "Cookies To Keep" panel shows all the cookies I selected (using the previous version) correctly. A look at c:\windows\cookies shows that there are many "undesireable" cookies to be cleaned. Is this a bug or am I overlooking something? ------------------------- OS = Windows 98SE ------------------------- Thanks Jadag - Montreal - Canada
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