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  1. Hi, First at all, thanks for the greatest software (ccleanger and defraggler)! And now a suggestion: About big files, is it possible to include more/advance filters? I think something like: *.srt|*.ass|*.ssa > 1kb (subtitles files, in other words, small files, that will never change again!) *.avi|*.mkv|*.flv > 100mb c:\anything\anyFolder\* ---> maybe I have a folder with files that I never modify, like backup of my school works !c:\anything\anyFolder\secretsThatAlways change\* ---> Why not an ! to exclude? And Why these filters don?t work on quick defrag, or on defrag seleceted files? Why it? Because I, for example, use my pc in a normal way, what means that I have only one partiton with all the data, and knows that files that will not change are better in the end of partition/disk, but only the size filter are not enought to put all these files in the end!
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