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  1. I was looking to start a subject like this but shall add here to continue the flow... I was wondering why DF doesn't use the big areas of space on my drive to create a copy of the LARGE files I have - one of them HAS to be 285MB+ and DF can't seem to defrag anything over 50MB - or at least it isn't able to for me and I'm using ver 1.15.163 so am up to date... I have a few files that are over 100MB and one of them is 31 fragments and is very slow to access If DF created a copy of these large files into an unfragmented copy, then deleted the fragmented one it would then be able to move files about to make space for the big ones at the end of the drive like it's supposed to in the options... At the moment I'm being shown that there's lots of little files all over the drive, including the end of the drive where I've asked for all large files to be moved to... Nick
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