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  1. On further investigation it would seem that Recuva was unable to recover the file. I overwrote it in the recuva list anyway and now the disc space has returned. It was showing that the file was recovered on my external hard drive but it wasn't visible for sure. Is this a known problem?
  2. Hi I usually recover files to my external hard drive without any problems but today I needed to recover a movie that was accidently deleted from my recycle bin. Not a problem for Recuva found the movie recovered it to my external hard drive- I know it is there because the space has been filled up on the disc but the file is not visible at all and wasn't recovered at the end of the file list on the drive like usual. I have deleted and recovered a few more files to my external hard drive and the same problem is now reoccuring. I have recovered some more to my C drive and they have the name RECYCLER on the folder I can't find any files named RECYCLER on my External hard drive. I have been experimenting with some disc cleaners recently one was called Eraser the other SG delete I usually use CC cleaner but wanted to erase something CC doesn't do. Help appreciated
  3. Hi DennisD I'm using IE 8 and it is my user name and log in details that I have set through the forums to log me in automatically each time that are being erased by CCcleaner. CCcleaner is quite a powerful peace of software for a novice like me but that's the only problem I have encountered. CCcleaner works incredibly fast on my computer. I don't know how to identify the cookies but I can say that the forums are private I wouldn't like to reveal what they are to protect my privacy.
  4. Hi I am using CCcleaner version 2.26.1050 Windows XP home edition Service pack 3 I'm afraid unchecking Adobe flash player in the applications section has made no difference at all 2 out of the six websites I have in the keep cookies section are having my username and password deleted when I run CCcleaner. I must add I have kept Index.dat files checked in the windows section. Thanks
  5. Hi to all I have been running CCcleaner a few days now and I have found that I can't seem to stop it deleting my saved user names and passwords on forums and websites I visit. I have put the sites I want to save in the cookies to keep area and have even tried unchecking delete index dat files but I can't seem to solve the problem. Can anyone help?
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