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  1. Lot of very good programs are Open Source and gone so far that any backshit would not even survive 2 days! Must i quote them? Gimp, MPC - HC, FileZilla, FFDshow, Mumble, Open Office... etc.. Piriform is very famous with CCleaner, and going open source is a good way to be even more known! Recuva is great, but recuva is not complete. Going open source would increase the amount of work done every day for it, and would speed up his growing. Going open source would increase the amount of donations for it, as people who like freewares, LOVE opensource AND free softwares. I prefer donate for "la cause" than for a private group that may switch to selling products (a lot already done this)! If you are always looking darkness, you'll never see the light behind. http://sourceforge.net <<< Here is the light!
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    Hi. I recently formated a 2To HDD, and searched long time for a good usefull program for scanning it and recover data. And i finally found Recuva from Piriform. I was so happy that i donate some money for you... first time i donate for a program. Unfortunately, some important formats (4 me at least ^^) are not supported in deep scan mode. Will/would you add support for .MKV, .EXE, .7Z (7zip), .XCF (Gimp image format), .TXT, .NFO formats in next updates? It would be great!!! In mean time i can't use my HDD as i don't want to erase thoses few importants files remaining, that deep scan is not able to recover for the moment. Anyway, thanks for your job!
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