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  1. Suggestions for defraggler: 1) progress bar in status column to make it more visual 2) show fragmented files, mft, page file on pie chart (and make same colors with used legend) 3) add registry defrag 4) add possibility to use chache file on other drive with custom size 5) add function to defrag system files on OS startup(it would be great if defraggler could be started like chkdsk before booting OS) And also I would like to see this feature as well. Hope all of those would be realised
  2. Indeed it would be nostalgic. Though it's not really needed, let's leave it on devs' discretion.
  3. My colleagues said not bad ideas so I decided to post them here. 1. Make optionable use of temp file on other drive i.e. if you need to defrag stuffed drive with low amount of free space available, but you have some hard drive with a lot of space on it so you may use temp file with custom size. It'll be great in situations when you come to person with stuffed drive with your own and also it'll find it's usage for regular defragmentation. 2. Make hard and soft stop. It means Hard Stop to stop defrag aborting last action and Soft Stop to wait till last started operation is done. It'll b
  4. Honestly I don't get why arguing about this. Visual chart started to look more informative. As for me when I firstly saw it, I was little confused of change, but got used to it, it's nice and shows empty space better than old. Though chart could be more visual if fragmented clusters also would be displayed on it.
  5. Hello! I'm using Defraggler and other Piriform products for quite a long time. They helped me a lot of times and I must say thank you guys very much! Using Defreggler I came up with suggestion for freespace defragmentation. I though it'll be good to have option to make empty space at the beginning of drive, at the end of drive and neither i.e. where could be made. For me it'll be very usefull when it cames to installing other OS(or OS build). Thanks for attention. I wish Piriform best of luck, many awards and hope your products would be even better.
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