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  1. *.gid removal as I mentioned in it's own thread.
  2. When you say 'currently' does that mean it may be implemented? I can see why it won't, because the .gid is stored everywhere and a complete scan of an harddrive would take much longer than a run of CCleaner. But with the coming of indexed file systems, this would be a nice addition to CCleaner. Thanks for the tip about EasyCleaner, but since this is the only thing I'm missing so far I'll live with CCleaner & manual deletion
  3. Heck, I even thought Microsofts own cleanup utilities deleted the TEMP directories...
  4. I have experience with Symantec Norton, NA McAfee and NOD32 and the last is best for stand alone computers (gets the most of stuff I get in contact with). McAfee has the definitive best administration for companies.
  5. As Tarun said ^^ You should NOT save in TEMP unless it's a temporary file. And then it should be safe do delete after 48 hours like CCleaner does.
  6. Hi, I'm doing some cleanup on a fileserver.. also manually by searching. I have a habit originating from Win95 by searching *.tmp *.gid etc, but .gid deletion wasn't mentioned on the feature list of CCleaner. Does it delete .gid files? I tried to test it, but it won't take my files. Not sure if CCleaner only checks specific locations. The file is completely safe to delete (if it's a Windows global index file) More about how to recognize .gid and about the file here: http://filext.com/detaillist.php?extdetail=GID http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...ben-us%3b129326
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