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  1. In my experience for every reader or post one might see on a board such as this - there are likely 10s or 100s that are in the same boat but do not post. This was a decision Piriform made. Still considering that there are alternatives still supported then this thread can best be utilized by readers if over time those still requiring a Win2K version to comment on their experience with other systems and hopefully the 2nd best alternative to using Defraggler for a Win2K system can be arrived at. My take.....
  2. Comments - Suggestions [2 Items] based on current Version of Defraggler - Version 2.00.230 Item 1: Command Line - Silent Mode - Features or options as per: http://www.piriform.com/docs/defraggler/advanced-usage/command-line-parameters Currently I have Defraggler running in silent mode (has been running for hours) and cannot determine where (how far along in process) the program that is running actually is - ergo - how soon will/can I expect it to complete. I cannot start Defraggler in graphical mode to see the status as it detects the "other" version is running and appears I woul
  3. After doing some testing earlier today - I realize that what you described may or actually is the case. I was interpreting the changes I observed when moving the window size around as simply "accessing" more of the drive map. Appeared today that the Drive Map may just be a "relative" display anyway. Seems on re-sizing that some of the blocks "change" or become more or less of an approximation of the Drive Map. As such appears this is not a simple "scroll issue" but I do note changes in the block pattern over time on resizing that I cannot account for other than the display "approximates
  4. Defraggler Drive Map does not create or allow a scroll bar for user to cursor up or down to view the entire drive map during routine use. As per: At a glance, you can see how fragmented your hard drive is. Defraggler's drive map shows you blocks that are empty, not fragmented, or needing defragmentation. Now the entire drive map can be displayed but I seem to need to resize both of the upper and lower screen panels. That is the area showing the list of drives which "has" a vertical scroll bar and the lower panel or area that shows both the program Status and Drive properties. Not
  5. Still, a new version causes or can cause havoc for developers. The question can also be raised as to how much of a "heads up" the SM2 developers gave to 3rd Party Software Developers such as Piriform so that they could "anticipate" where changes to a program (SM 2) would impact their software applications. In my case, I am using (trying to use for over a month now) SeaMonkey 2 and had also begun the process to evaluate some of Piriform's products (many of which were downloaded over a month ago) but have held off waiting for a compatibility update for SeaMonkey. As such, I and p
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