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  1. I actually liked having the means to use ccleaner to remove some of those logs and scans. This sounds like one of those requests you read about over in the avast! threads. You need to know what your av is doing and have the means to clean it up. It didn't hurt anything having the mse option. All you have to do is update and scan and the warnings go away. Another great example of the old he who sacrifices liberty for safety will have neither gag brought courtesy of the fear mongering and then because of this those of us who find it useful are at their mercy.
  2. I haven't really messed around too much with trying to dig around and read what it's doing. In fact, once I saw that there was no way to control what flash does, I removed IE10 and reinstalled flash itself. You could watch video and all of that but unlike standard install of flash there was no means of accessing settings. Flash likes to just give itself permission to do things that I don't want it to do by default so because of that IE 10 went away from my pc. At least now, I'm back to being able to control what flash does. I might install it on a junk computer and try to figure out how it's built into IE 10. It's definitely a part of the browser/OS but very protected. If it can play flash video as a standalone then it still has the ability to give itself permissions (and whatever else) like Adobe does if you leave the defaults as they are on a standard flash install. That kind on non transparency annoys me more than anything. I'm really thinking about replacing everything we have around here with a MAC os just on principle alone.
  3. Yep. I never got an answer as to why winapp2.ini kept deleting my search settings either after the last update. Should know better I suppose.
  4. Well, you can install IE 10 on Windows 7 now, which I did. I don't know. I'm not really worried about it so much that it's annoying. I don't have flash installed yet still have a Adobe flash folder being created. CCleaner winapp2.ini is still showing an Adobe flash listing as well as Adobe /flash settings entry and if I go to the flash settings manager online it confirms that I don't have fladsh installed. Yet, there are settings for it some place apparently if CCleaner is showing it. I swear I hate flash. Hate it with a passion. With IE 10 using html 5 why the heck do I need adobe flash? I don't get it.
  5. Does anyone know why IE 10 for windows 7 keeps creating a Adobe folder in the Roaming folder of the users/app data ? I don't have flash installed so am wondering why every time I delete the thing that IE 10 keeps recreating it . I know it's probably off topic but figgered this to be the best place to get an answer or maybe some idea why.
  6. No, i don't use includes. Haven't seen these entries in the registry cleaner either. Whenever i do run the registry tool, I usually have the same entries to deal with from a couple of small programs. They rebuild as well which is why i clean tham. But, no. Neither of those. I haven't really spent any time with this since posting the issue. I just replaced the winapp2.ini file with the previous release and left it. I may reformat the pc a couple of times over the coming weekend and test out some theories I've read here. Depends on how nice it is outside. I'm not really too concerned about it though. As I said, I'm content with the previous version for now.
  7. Yep. I know. It definitely is the winapp2.ini file causing the issue though. I removed it ( the newest release - the one that was causing the issue) and put the previous release of the winapp2.ini file that I copied from my sons computer on this one that had the issue with the updated one and it didn't have the problem. I'm just going to stay away from any newer updates to this thing, I think. Or at least until I take the time to go through the updated one myself to find what the problem is with it. Thanks though. I can't really complain about it. I've been using this program for years along with winapp2.ini and I think maybe I've only had two instances where things got fudged up that concerned me. I don't plan on installing Windows 8/IE 10 so I imagine any newer releases of winapp2.ini will most likely be in a manner conforming to that OS. Which may be the problem here, I think with this most recent release of winapp2.ini. Will see.... Seems like some of these winapp2.ini entries are starting to get a little too far ahead of the game and forgetting about Windows 7 compatibility in scope.
  8. No, I don't ever let Windows update anything on it's own. I let it check for them and then I go through them and choose accordingly. Have removed winapp2.ini and the issue went away. Ixquick search engine/IE 9 on a Windows 7 64 bit machine. Also, I didn't tick any new additions after applying the latest winapp2.ini file. I just left them as they were prior to installation of the most recent file. In the mean time, I'm going to pull the winapp2.ini file off of my sons computer and install it on this one that had the issue prior to removing the updated one and verify that it doesn't have the issue. I haven't updated his, I don't think. I hope not, at least. Edit: I pulled the winapp2.ini file from junior's computer and installed it on this one that had the problem with removing search engine settings and the problem doesn't exist now that i have the previous winapp2.ini file installed. Also, I had done the fresh batch of Windows updates (manually) prior to updating the computer with the most recent winapp2.ini file that has the issue. Now that I have the previous release of winapp2.ini reinstalled, I can verify that Windows update that had been done prior to installation of the new release of winapp2.ini had nothing at all to do with the issue. But I knew that anyhow. I can probably go through the updated winapp2.ini file that causes it and look for the problem myself, I guess. I just thought I'd ask here first. I really hate going through that thing. It takes forever going behind and fixing mistakes.
  9. Yes, the winapp2.ini file is installed. As I had mentioned, the winapp2.ini was the file that I had updated. Updated meaning right click/save as and the usual overwrite. It was after I removed the winapp2.ini file that the problem went away. Of course, now I don't have all of those extras but I'll not reinstall it until I know that the issue has been fixed. I didn't tick anything that wasn't already ticked prior to updating it, just to add. This is a Windows 7 64 bit machine, btw.
  10. Did something get rescribbled with this winapp file that would wipe out my search engine settings every time i run CCleaner? The winapp update is the only thing that I've done to the computer since it started happening this morning. It's annoying as all heck having to reapply my search engine settings every time i run CCleaner with this winapp file now.
  11. This is happening to me as well now since updating the winapp file this morning. Except I don't use Google. I use Ixquick. Same problem with the search settings being wiped out.
  12. I think he was talking about my reference to the fact that nothing had changed on my system besides the ccleaner/winapp2.ini. Obviously microsoft updates change ones system when left unattended to run amuk. Too much confusion and miscommunication sometimes leads to the original issue being spun six ways from Tuesday and ignored. As I said, I'll figure it out. Was just adding to the thread because I too have the same problem. Doesn't mean that the fix is the same as someone elses or is conforming to an alternate operating systems resolution to the problem.
  13. Right. And yes, I do prohibit them. I usually just wait for them to come out and do them myself. I don't know. I'll figure it out.
  14. Yeah, it's not disabled. Never has been. It's automatic. Something has wiped out my restore points since updating and running the latest version of ccleaner. Might be something in the winapp2.ini file since i updated that as well without first reviewing it.. That's the only thing that changed from the time I had restore points until the time that I did not besides the ccleaner update itself. Thanks though.
  15. CCleaner shows a blank screen for my system restore points as wel. It only happened after i did the latestupdate. I'm using windows 7 home premium though and not xp. I remember when this happened a long time ago too but forgot how i fixed it. I know it really annoyed me to no end until I fixed it...myself as well. And it's annoying me nowtoo since I forgot how i fixed it the last time.
  16. I was just wondering about this installshield installation information in the utilities section. If I check that and run CCleaner will it remove the log files needed to uninstall software? I don't want to check that and then go to uninstall something and not be able to. I know I ask some relatively noob questions here once in a while but I just want to be sure i don't fudge up things.
  17. Go figger. Thanks. I did actually try that the first time but it only offered a html link. Weird. Anyhow, thanks for what you all do here.
  18. How come you can't download the winapp.ini file anymore? All you get is a text file. What am I supposed to do with that? the link in the text file to download it leads nowhere, btw.
  19. Program has rebuilt the list. Thanks again.
  20. Thank you. Darned if it wasn't simple. I was looking in the windows folder in the reg. Didn't rebuild though. I made two quick ones and nothing was remembered from the program. I make a lot of movies from baseball games though so who knows. It may eventually start another list after a reboot. I haven't rebooted yet.
  21. Any chance of adding Windows live movie maker recent projects added? I can't seem to do remove these easily. At least I can't find where to look, i should say.
  22. Does anyone know where one can locate any leftovers from a MSE uninstall...that didn't uninstall everything....because if it did then CCleaner wouldn't have a little tick box for it asking me if I want to clean it? Windows 7 Home Premium, btw. Thanks.
  23. Off topic, perhaps, but I've uninstalled Revo uninstaller pro and ironically, it seems to leave it's own junk behind. the winapp2.ini has two revo references. One is a backup and one is a uninstaller log reference. I really didn't even need the program but just wanted to see what it did. I've uninstalled it using it's own uninstaller but now am stuck with two references in CCleaner that were not there before I actually installed the program. and they won't go away. This means it left it's own mess. right? does anyone else use this program and know where it keeps it's junk so that i don't see it in CCleaners apps list? Thanks. I probably should know this but I don't. Edit -- Never mind. I found it. Sorry. Was dumb, really..
  24. After a reformat of Windows 7, the problem no longer exists. For me at least.....
  25. Yeah, it's slow as Molasses.
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