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  1. Windows 7. Cant schedule disk defrag. Task manager says: Item has been corrupted or has been tampered with. This locks on my desk top can temporarily eliminate it by re booting desk Top?? I've run Defraggler but not helping Thanks for looking. ______________________________________________________nha khoaimplant any ideas? implant , nha khoa Nhân Tâm, mini implant, Implant nâng đỡ cầu răng
  2. Currently I'm doing so. I'm using express, jade, styler and socket.io, but I guess I'm far away from releasing it yet since I'm still into digging deeper into how all these modules that I've listed work. Anyone interests PM me nha khoa
  3. I suppose the only surprise is that the EC finally went for it. There was some thought that the ECs (not so) hidden agenda was to tip the field in favor of local companies (e.g., Opera) and that therefore it wouldnt settle just to keep Microsoft tied up in knots.
  4. With 3.28, I want to set it to run Skype, but only ever in a sandbox. I do not want to install Skype on my machine outside the Sandbox. Is there a way of doing this so that the Skype application starts itself in a sandbox automatically when the computer is switched on? At present, I downloaded the Sykpe.exe whilst inside the Sandbox, and installed it whilst still in the Sandbox. This means that to use it, I need to open the Sandbox manually, and then launch the programme. What I would like to do is have all this happen automatically when I boot up the computer. Is this possible?
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