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  1. I've used Avast! on a Win98/ME computer without any problem. As already mensioned his memory is the the biggest problem. If he only has 128MB then its a very old computer or the user as never thought about upgarding the basics (memory). Memory is quite cheap today but if its an old computer you need to get the exact spec of the memory in use. Don't think that buying faster memory will make the computer run faster it won't, in fact it may run slower. In fact if he's using 128MB on WinXP I'm supprised he can do anything with it unless he wants to make a coffee while things load and run. 500MB is the minimum needed to run WinXP with ease.
  2. Keno69

    Print option

    I know he would like a print option Hazel. An Ascii text file is just a normal text file that NotePad can open. If it was saved to a text file then they could print that of just the same as any text file from NotePad.
  3. Well I've never had any problems downloading From FileHippo, thats the only place I use for Piriform apps. http://www.filehippo.com/download_defraggler/ I use WinXP SP3 and Vista Home Premium.
  4. Welcome to piriform MargeR. That isn't a fault of CC its a fault of the previous uninstaller. CC only reads info from the registry.
  5. Welcome to Piriform sbogorman. But where are you downloading CC from? I wouldn't trust any site apart from www.CCleaner.com or www.FileHippo.com.
  6. Welcome to Piriform deetalktime. Won't it startup in Safe Mode either?
  7. I would think its because its in the Beta stage at the moment Bark.
  8. Keno69

    AGP speed error

    Please post a screen dump of what its showing on your system Richard.
  9. Keno69

    Print option

    Welcome to Piriform alexito2209. This has been asked before (do a search). I would prefer a Ascii text file rather than printing the info wouldn't you?
  10. I use IE8.0 on my laptop but my saved cookies are saved and I'm in 50+ forums. I've had a bug on one site for a couple of weeks or more. Everytime I went to that site I had to login but when I saved my details I had a message back these couldn't be save as the site is very busy. This was becoming a pain in the back site everytime I went there. The other day I opened CC and removed http://www.annoyances.org/ from the saved cookies and I did a clean. I went back to annoyances.org again and logged in again and this time it saved my details. I opened CC again and move www.annoyances.org to the cookies to keep. Now it works as it should do everytime I go on there. If you know its only the odd site that asks for username and password just remove these from cookies to keep. Do a clean and login these sites again with your details. Then move these cookies over to keep them. If its more than the odd site then I would move all saved cookies back. Do a clean and login a fresh with each site then move the cookies to be kept. I don't think it as anything to do with Flash Player. I think all as the Flash Player ticked does is delete the update files thats all.
  11. Welcome to Piriform deleteman. It would help if you told us your operating system with service pack number along with which web browsers you use? Which version of CC? Its going to be easier if you add this info to your signature. Now these cookies can be a strange thing. I save all my regular cookies for username/passworded sites. Some times after I did a clean I had to log back in these sites. As Dennis has suggested you can untick the "Adobe Flash Player" in "Applications\Multimedia". That worked for a while but the fault came back again. Now Dennis has suggested the same solution in other topics (a long time ago) talking about this problem. I find the newer version appears to work ok at the moment.
  12. I'm not sure why it cleans when its not ticked? Well there used to be a slight bug cleaning Run: commands with WinXP that was reported a few months ago. When I was using Win98/ME you tick Run (in Start Menu) it cleaned it straight away. In WinXP you had to do a restart before it cleaned it. With the newer versions it cleans it straight away now. On my Vista laptop nothing is store from previous commands thats without using CC.
  13. Hi all. Now I've only had this laptop a couple of weeks and it has Vista Home Premium installed. I'm using Defraggler 1.14.159 on both my machines because I don't like 1.15.163 as I've explained before. Anyway this started last weekend I left it defragging and when I came back 20 minutes later it had shut down. I started it up again and checked the power options just incase it was set to shut down if not used, it wasn't. I started Defraggler again and left it running I came back 20 minutes later and it had shut down again. I started up and left it doing nothing and it was still showing the desktop 2 hours later. Today I started Defraggler at 18:16:21 and left it running I checked after 20 minutes and it was still running. I checked after 45 minutes and it was still running. I came back just over an hour later and it had shut down again. Accounting to the log file then last action was 19:20:25 so it ran for just over an hour, log attached. I've had to WinZip the log file as its to big. As anyone else had problems shutting down Vista? Defraggler.exe._1_14_159__2009_12_08_18_16_.zip
  14. Well I've only had my Fujitsu-Siemens AMILO Li 1818 laptop for a couple of weeks and some specs say 120GB and some say 160GB drive. Windows showed 80GB. When I formatted and rebuilt last week it showed another 40GB partition which I deleted becuase there was nothing in it and it rebuilt ok, now it shows 137GB but no greater. WinXP makes a small 8GB partition which you can't see in Windows. When I rebuild that system I deleted this partition but it always shows up again the next time I rebuild.
  15. I dare say but others have said it won't read ATI cards but it reads mine. I think the X2 is just twice the memory.
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