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  1. I have been using CCleaner for a long time because in the beginning it was the best program to remove the crap from my computer. I notice now that the FREE version of CCleaner does not thoroughly clean your computer. You must buy a professional version of CCleaner if you want it to clean everywhere. Please consider making the free version of CCleaner do what it was originally created to do and that's to clean better than any other program. Make the free, manual version clean everywhere. Let the professional version have all of the extra features that professionals need such as the automatic updating, automatic history cleaning, and the real-time guarding against junk files. The Professional Plus version has even more features! Since the free version of CCleaner does not clean everywhere, it's time to look for a better cleaning program and when I do find myself wanting some of the professional features that go beyond just cleaning, I will look first at what I am using rather than to CCleaner. If CCleaner can't completely clean, you're not going to attract as many new users of the free version. A percentage of the free version users will convert to a professional version, but there will be less of those if you attract fewer new users of the free version in the first place.
  2. That version 3 icon looks great. Thank you. I hope the one in the current CCleaner gets fixed.
  3. That changed the CCleaner shortcut icon on my desktop, but now it's corrupted in a different way. The icon has a black outline of the letter "C" inside the red "C" of the icon. It appears as if it's being rendered with fewer colors. Lookiing at the image of the icon with magnification, it appears that the "black outline" inside the red "C" is actually the color of the Desktop showing through the icon. The icon is now too transparent.
  4. Even though I have uninstalled and installed CCleaner, the desktop icon appears corrupted. There is white around its edges as if what's suppose to be transparent is not. I'm using Windows XP Professional SP3 and CCleaner v4.01.4093 is what I have installed now.
  5. I used the Uninstall tool and found that items were not removed. Here is what I found: Startup entries were left that referenced the program that was uninstalled. A folder was left that had the name of the uninstalled program. The folder was empty.
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