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  1. Thanks Greenknight I closed the Firefox.exe in task manager as you suggested and CCleaner finally did clean the Firefox cache. I still think it's as much a pain as clearing the cache manually in Firefox. It would be nice to see this bug fixed Thanks again to all who replied Pootie
  2. Hi mfenech I always close the Firefox browser before running CCleaner so this problem remains unresolved but thanks for your response Pootie
  3. I have just installed the latest version of CCleaner but as with previous versions it still skips the Firefox cache even though all the options for cleaning this are ticked. I see from a Google search that there may be some bug in CCleaner which is causing this but I can find no remedy. Does anyone have any knowledge about this as it's a real pain having to go through the cleaning options in Firefox all the time Thanks Pootie
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