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  1. I have 3 harddisks, and checked all of them. Never use the delete button, always Shift-delete, and habitually delete the folder Recycle bin when I see Windows created it yet again. No Outlook express or such in use. I also empty the tempfolder before defragging, as well as other folders I don't want to use anyway, like the IE cache folders. I know what I'm doing, have been doing that and way more for years. CCleaner is not a program I use. Most of what it can do I do manually, or leave as is as it's not in the way.
  2. As you can see on the screenshot below, Defraggler thinks it can throw out 2 GB of junk. If you look at the Total Commander window however you can see that it's the usual 85 bytes. I never use the Recycle bin. I had already cleaned up temp files, the directory c:\temp is my own temp. (With only 100 MB in it.) What does Defraggler want to delete? Or is it an error?
  3. I am using version 1.15.163, and when opting for Quick Defrag on my c: get the message: Empty Recycle Bin before defragging? This will give you an extra 625 MB of free space. As I don't use the Recycle Bin at all I was wondering about that, so checked all drives. I have nothing in the Recycle Bin on any drive, so where this amount comes from is a little riddle to me... I do have a c:\temp, but that contains a totally different amount of files. (More like 8 GB.) There are no other directories in the root of C with that size. And while typing this I'm wondering why "c:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp" isn't emptied before running defrag?
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