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  1. No, Ccleaner does not install any malware. Ccleaner does optionally install Google Chrome and Google Toolbar, but only if you leave these optional items checked during installation. For anyone who "thinks" that Ccleaner installed malware on their computer, then I can guarantee that this is due to one and/or the other of the following two things: 1. You installed Ccleaner from an unreliable web site. In other words, you installed a hacked version of Ccleaner in which hackers added malware to the installer. 2. Your computer is already infected with malware, and the malware intercepte
  2. Good points are mentioned by Nergal and Andavari. More importantly, some FF plugins may not properly release their hold on FF bookmarks when FF is closed. Task Manager may show that FF is not running. The issue is that the FF bookmarks files may not have been properly updated and closed when exiting FF. If you manually back up your improperly closed FF bookmarks (via file copy using Windows Explorer), and then later restore them, your restored bookmarks may be corrupt such that you can't add new bookmarks. Ccleaner does check for this issue when it runs, and Ccleaner fixes this issue. The mora
  3. Hi Nergal, If you have installed a 3rd party download manager into your web browser, try disabling it and then downloading Ccleaner.
  4. So it definitely is plugins which have been installed into your web browsers without your consent? This definitely sounds like you have a malware infection on your computer.
  5. It would take a ton of time to compile the thermal design data for CPUs into Speccy. Fortunately, you can easily look up the design specs for any specific CPU at: http://www.cpu-world.com/index.html They have done a splendid job of compiling information from the manufacturer's data sheets for each CPU model. For example, the following cpu-world page shows the specs for the Intel Core I5-5670K CPUs which is in one of my computers. You will see that this CPU's maximum operating temperature is 72.72 Celsius: http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Core_i5/Intel-Core%20i5-4670K.html As a gen
  6. Hehe. One of my computers has a Gigabyte motherboard with an AMD FX-4300 cpu. BIOS reports the correct cpu temperature, but Speccy reports that the cpu's temperature is only 10 Celsius which of course is much lower than room temperature!
  7. This may not be Speccy's fault at all. See: http://www.makeuseof.com/answers/what-is-wmiprvse-exe-and-why-is-it-causing-high-cpu-usage/ If restarting the “Windows management Instrumentation” Service doesn't fix the problem, then as noted in the above link, you probably have malware on the affected computer.
  8. Hello Kokopelli, Your old Seagate 200 GB hard drive definitely is failing.The hard drive's powered on time is over 7 years. The drive has 86 reallocated sectors, but the real value of reallocated sectors is 594 reallocated sectors. Currently the drive has 4 pending sectors to be reallocated, but they can't be reallocated since the hard drive has run out of spare sectors for sector reallocation. Thus these 4 sectors also show up as 4 sectors which are uncorrectable and which can't be reallocated. Back up your data on this hard drive and replace it as soon as possible. Quite frankly, I am am
  9. Well, I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling this latest build of CCleaner, but doing so did not fix the crashing issue. It has either got to be in the code itself or (extremely unlikely) a leftover registry key from the previous build.
  10. Re my previous post where I thought that cleaning up my Firefox bookmarks seemed to resolve CCleaner's crashing on first launch after a reboot, that didn't solve the problem after all. So I will try everyone's suggestion of completely uninstalling CCleaner and then doing a fresh install on all of my computers. Thanks Eolo for your reply and your notes about how a fresh install seems to have fixed the issue on your family and friend's computers.
  11. I too have an Acer Travelmate with a Core I5 and Win7 Pro, but I have never experienced this issue with CCleaner. Note that I rarely use my laptop's built-in touchpad (keep it disabled nearly all the time) and instead use a USB mouse. So I am guessing that either your laptop's touchpad driver or video driver may need to be updated? Do you see anything in the Event Viewer which might indicate the cause of CCleaner's crashes? Anyway, I never get device drivers for video, networking, or touchpads from Microsoft's Windows Update. Instead I always get these device drivers either directly from the c
  12. I too was having this issue with CCleaner build is v5.10.5373. Note that I am using the free version and do not have any of CCleaner's monitoring features enabled. CCleaner was crashing only the first time I launched CCleaner after rebooting my Windows XP computer, and I assumed that the issue was with this CCleaner build. CCleaner didn't crash when I subsequently launched CCleaner. I also noticed that I was having problems adding new bookmarks to a particular bookmark folder in Firefox. The problem was that the last bookmark in the folder was being overwritten with the data for the new bo
  13. I have removed my post since it aparrently has nothing to do with the topic.
  14. I recall having this issue around 4 or 5 years ago on a friend's computer. In that case, it turned out that NAV itself was compromised by malware which specifically targeted NAV and had nothing to do with CCleaner. All CCleaner did at the time was reveal the issue such that, after running CCleaner, NAV wouldn't start on the next reboot. Just a thought for what its worth.
  15. Hi Ellen, I will try to answer all of your questions! "if I analyze (System) Temporary Files, it shows one file, when there are dozens of the same type same origin, same date" -- by default, CCleaner only removes temporary files which are older than 24 hours. Or you can reboot and then run CCleaner again to remove these files. If those files mysteriously show up again after running CCleaner and you have no other apps or web browsers running, then you might want to download and install and run the free versionsMalwarebytes Anti-Malware as a second check for whatever antivirus program yo
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