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  1. Is this the first time you've ever defragmented? Defragmentation always takes a long time. But hopefully it'll speed up. Your problem might be System Restore. Another thread talks about this problem and Defraggler running 'extremely slow', look here and you might find an answer: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showto...21979&st=20 I have a theory, for why your hard drive space is filling up. Because of Volume Shadow Copy, which is part of system restore. As you defragment, Volume Shadow Copy keeps taking snap shots of your hard drive, and defraggler is basicly moving your files around on your harddrive. So Volume Shadow Copy is taking more and more point-in-time copies of your hard drive. Which fills up your freespace. And if you turn off system restore you also turn off Volume Shadow Copy. But this is just an idea, and may have no relevance to you at all. And you can turn it on and off whenever you want. I lost memory and continued with the defrag. You can always get it back later. It's not vanishing into thin air. And what kind of games would you be running? You might be able to play a flash game online. But anything bigger than that would be a bad idea, if you still want to play it though, you can switch the Defragging Priority: Defraggler>Settings>Priority>Background. Then defragmentation will just take a long time. But won't effect what your doing on your computer.
  2. I use Defraggler with no problems. It's helped greatly in keeping my fragmentation low. But something I see that doesn't quite make sense in my head is this picture. *see attachment* Why are there so many low occupancy blocks scattered across my hard drive? There are other blocks too but, most are low occupancy. This is not a serious problem, but could be filed under curiosity. I have a 141GB Hard drive. The picture is cut off to show the last half of blocks. I read 'Understanding the Drive Map' in Piriform Docs, I'll continue to read through until I find something that helps. So. Is this normal to have? Why can't these files be moved to the larger chain of blocks? Is there a way I can move those files?
  3. Ever since I disabled it, it has run smoother and faster. But mine was never as extreme as 50hrs. I've also noticed that sometimes (with System Restore and Volume Shadow Copy on) after a defragment, I'd end up with 'more' fragmentations than before. Turning Sys. Restore off and running the action: Check Drive for Errors, Cleared it all up. I recommend at least turning it off and restarting before defragmenting, if System Restore is important to you, instead of completely turning it off.
  4. Yes, and maybe adding a feature to customize what Speccy sees entirely. But I'd rather have capability before customization.
  5. LAN info, Celsius/Fahrenheit option (along with a settings screen, with other options obviously, of course this can be integrated later) are some things I'd like to see added, but were already noted. Also external hard drives if that's possible. I have a Sony Vaio with built-in SDCard and MemoryStick PRO readers. And in Speccy they are reported as Hard drives, in my opinion they would fit better in 'Optical Drives'. Otherwise if nothing is connected they always show 0MB. Which is rather annoying, to me anyways. And my main HDD is reported as a 160GB correct model (unknown interface), it's really a 141GB. Before you say anything, yes I know they change and are not always the advertised size, but in Speccy underneath the selected Hard drive there is Real Size. Couldn't this be used to show the 'actual' HDD space? Or rather, just show the actual size next to it in parentheses. Great work. I use all of the Piriform products, and I'm looking forward to the official release of this one.
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