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  1. Deleting the old restore points seems to have fixed the problem. There were a few others around which appeared to have invalid files. I simply deleted them to clean everything up. Thanks for you help.
  2. I just installed version v2.25.1025 and found the following: I goto Tools->Startup and 'Enable' a program that I'd previously 'Disabled' using a earlier version of CCleaner. It enables properly. However, when I immediately try to 'Disable' the same program it fails to disable. That is, I selected 'Enable' on a previously (prior to current version) 'Disabled' program and it enabled properly and when I now try and 'Disable' that same program again it fails to do anything, it's now a NOP. It remains enabled no matter what I do. However 'Enable' & 'Delete" still seem to work prop
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