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  1. Thanks nukecad. I’ll have to find something else to worry about!!!
  2. The pop up I'm talking about is the one that periodically comes up at the bottom right hand side of the screen getting me to update to the Pro version. I've unticked everything I can see that applies.
  3. Thanks Hazelnut. I already had it set to Manual. I try not to have any updates etc. install automatically. A bit of a Bruce "I'm in charge". billjf
  4. I am running a free edition of CCleaner v 5.67.7763 (64bit) on my Win 7 Pro computer. How do I get rid of the popup asking me to update. I don't want to. The edition I have, together with other programmes gives me all I need so I will not be updating.
  5. When I start Hotmail first thing in the morning it takes a long time before I get the log in page. After that it is much quicker. I am wondering if it is because the log in page is being deleted each night when CCleaner is run. Is there a way to exclude just that page?
  6. Thanks. Will hgive it a go.
  7. Thanks to willy2 and unclebic it seems fixed. I de-selected OfficeXP in the Applications tab, and in the Exclude list I added a line "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\Word\Data" which excluded the Word Data entry in the HKey Current User part of the registry. Works OK now. Don't know if there any other implications of what I've done but nothing has shown yet???
  8. Thanks unclebic and Willy2. Looks like I've got some work to do. Luckily I use Norton Ghost so it is very easy to revert back if everything goes wrong. Again my thanks.
  9. Am running Win XP Pro SP3, IE8 and Office XP, plus others. Have just started using CCleaner and have tried versions 2.27 - 2.32. My problem is that when I run CCleaner I lose all the options I have set up in Word and it reverts back to basic, ie cm not inches, different fonts to the ones I have set up, etc. Have tried editing the normal.dot and saving it and tried deleting the word data key in the registry but the problem still comes back. Have tried re-installing Office to no effect. The started re-building my hard disk and checking when the problem occurrs. CCleaner is the culprit, have re-checked four times and without CCleaner all is well, with it and running it I get the problem. Has anyone any ideas. I like CCleaner but not with this problem.
  10. I hadn't when I was getting the problem but I have now unticked the Cookies option and I,m now not getting the problem. It dows mean however that I will now get a large build up of cookies of all sorts. Also, if I need to do this what is the "Cookies to keep" option for in CCleaner?
  11. Not sure I follow that. I double click on my Hotmail icon and normally I get my log in name alreadt there and only have to put in my password. Have suddenly found that I have to put in both which suggested that the "login.live" cookie had b een deleted. Entered my details and accessed Hotmail OK. Exited Hotmail, which shuts down IE8, tried accessing agaun and my login name was there OK. Ran CCleaner, tried Hotmail again and again my login name was no longer there. Tried this three or four times to make sure but eacxh time I run CClkeaner the details are gone. Have added all the cookies into the "Cookies to keep" but it made no difference Bill
  12. Have just installed IE8 and now find that none of my cookies are kept when I run CCleaner v. 2.27.1070 although I have put some of them in my "Cookies to Keep" section. Have tried it with and without the "Preserve Favourites website data" in IE8 being ticked.
  13. billjf


    Have just started using CCleaner since ZA did away with Cache Cleaner. What I am trying to do is to get CCleaner to carry out an automatic clean once a day, preferably unattended. I ma running WinXPPro and IE8. I seem to have two problems. 1. To get CCleaner to carry out an automatic clean without me having to restart the computer/login etc. 2. To do this automatically at a scheduled time from hibernation without having to use a password. Am I wishing for the moon?
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