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  1. Device kind Audio device Device name USB 2860 Device Vendor Unknown Location Port_#0003.Hub_#0002 It is a kWorld adapter for the Picture, Left Speaker, Right Speaker (Red, Yellow, White) cables that get.
  2. Recently my computer kept getting the blue screen (windows 7) and after I disabled a start up task the blue screen stopped appearing so I wanted to copy this line as plain text and use it to find out why it was causing the blue screen (as in was there a bug or was it an unkown virus or something), but I tried copying directly from CCleaner but couldn't and found this dissapointing.
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    Feature Request

    Would it be possible to make it so that can select and copy information
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    I was thinking that Piriform could make a new software called Tweaker or something. It should offer similar features to TweakXP but be able to adapt to whichever version of windows it's on (like CCleaner)
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