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  1. Unfortunately, every one I have done all that you have suggested....perhaps I'm cursed I selected (1) File(Picture, 1.5megs approx..) I moved it to the Recycle Bin, ran the CC analyse before the deletion to see if the file has been selected for deletion, as suggested, it was selected. I ran CC the data successfully removed, I then ran Recuva, it recovered the File, I was expecting the File to have the zzzz.zzz, it didn't it showed the orginal name as before I used CC. I don't understand it., same file size etc. And to answer the previous Post, when I deleted that LARGE quantity of Files from the Recycle Bin(about 3.4gigs approx.) it takes about 25-30 mins to finish cleaning. When I recover the files, the size is the same, file names are the same etc,. Oh well, not much to do about it. I checked http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gutmann_method to understand if the method is effective...Surprise, it's not. CURSED, must Be
  2. My Pictures, Videos & Documents folder contains a large selection of Files in each. What I meant to say is I deleted some from each folder(that I didn't need/want..) into the "Recycle Bin" which I have selected in CCleaner to Clean 35x, as well as my Browsing History etc.. What I found is after cleaning the Recycle Bin, I could still recover the files using Recuva, when I thought that they were deleted. I do appreciate any help that I can get, just to understand more.
  3. 1st off, I'm not trying to hide any Secrets, regardless of what you might think. I noticed this on my PC & I thought that I would mention it, cus it DOES happen & the Files are recovered in Full. Either way, it's a Topic I thought might generate discussion not blame.
  4. They were located on the Main Drive, in a specific Folder. I specifically placed them in the Windows Pictures, Video & Document Folders. So I know that they were deleted. No traces of any of the Files deleted were left behind.
  5. Yes, I was. The Pictures I could view, the Videos played without a hitch & the Documents could be opened, modified & resaved. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not putting down CCleaner or it's creators, not at all. It's just strange that they are not being deleted & can be recovered. I don't know if other people are experiencing this or not. But I thought I would bring it up.
  6. Yes, I have. The other day I deleted 10 pictures, 4 Videos & various documents. I used Recuva & after 5mins, I recovered eveything that I thought was "securely" deleted. Which means if Recycle Bins can be recovered what about "Browsing History" or such.
  7. CCleaner has been Rated #1, for cleaning your PC of Debris, Tracking, Harddrive Space etc.. But it's NOT the best(that I have found) and other Software are in the same line. For People like me to whom would like to Protect their Privacy etc., I have found that CCleaner even when you use the "Secure File Deletion - 35x" setting that Data can be recovered using "Recuva", which means that if a FREE Software can recover Deleted Data, it's NOT being erased "permanently" as people are assuming. Even items in the Recycle Bin can be recovered, in my opinion, that is NOT secure file deletion! How, I know cus I've tried to cover Internet Browsing History, Deleted Recycle Bins items, & even Empty Space from the HD, all were recovered, in a matter of mins. Needless to say that I am impressed with CCleaner, it does remove what it states But unfortunately NOT permanently I would like to Suggest that there can be improvements to make sure that anything that is deleted, is permanently gone, and can't be recovered by any means, maybe change the "Secure File Deletion" settings from 35x to 100x or even unlimited. But make sure that it works, & permanently! Keep uo the Good Work!
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