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  1. I'm a Chinese user, and I try to enter some Chinese filenames in the "Find" textbox. Recuva can't filter these filenames, but these files are listed in the searching result. Please try to fix it.
  2. After I scan for issues, the "Missing Shortcut reference" entries don't display very well in Traditional Chinese. Other entries can display well. The attachment is a screenshot, in the screenshot you can see that the font size of "Missing Shortcut reference" entries is too small to display clearly.
  3. I'm using v1.27.255 beta The small font issue almost be fixed. I only found one more issue till now. The "Missing shortcut reference" entry still displays in small font. I'm not sure if there are still some onter entries that display too small, but till now, only this one. Could you please fix it before release the final version ?
  4. Hi, I'm the Traditional Chinese translator. There are some new strings in beta2. Could you please send me the RC file thus I can both translate these new ones and modify some strings. Regards, Nelson
  5. Hi, MrG In beta 1, lots of users got a "Error cleaning Firefox cookies 62 - ...." error message. It still exists in beta 2. Can you fix it ?
  6. After installing the latest beta, I've got the same problem. Here's the cookies.txt. Hope you can fix it cookies.txt cookies.txt
  7. While switching to Options->Cookies, an error dialog appears. It says : Error cleaning Firefox cookies. \n62 - Input behind EOF. Can you give a briefly description about the 3 secure file deletion methods ? What's the different, or what do they do ? The font size in the Issue list panel is still too small. Here's the screenshot.
  8. Hello MrG, Happy to hear this news. I'm the Traditional Chinese translator, and I'd like to modify some translations. Could you tell me what I should do (which file should I work on)? BTW, in the Issues panel, the font size in the "Problem list" is too small for Chinese. More clearly, when it says "No issues were found", the font size is OK. But when it found issues and listed them, the font size is too small.
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