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  1. Will we ever get a comment from the creators? What good is a feedback forum if they never acknowledge the user even exsists? Thanks for the non support or help in anyway.
  2. Just upgrade to 5.01, I about puked when I saw it. It could not look worse if you guys tried for the worse look possible. please give us a GUI option for the old look back. I run Win7, I hate anything that looks like Win8. I'm downgrading until this is fixed.
  3. IMO email scanners, webguard, webguard toolbars etc.. are all extra crap that does not help anything, they are unneeded. The realtime resident protection of any anti-virus should handle these attacks before your system is compromised. They add these things to make people think they are getting more protection, they're not. You are either protected against malware/virus or not. It's kinda like adding a check point at your street corner when your driveway and house already have a impenetrable gate and fence around it.
  4. Unbelievable how unaware, uncaring or just plain ignorant Avira is for this policy change. A product designed to stop stuff just like the Ask toolbar is now installing it their self. It was on Avira's list of malware, at least intil they got paid to trick people into installing it. Reputation destroyed and rightfully so. They deserve to completely go out of business and I hope they do.
  5. I have the same problem with 3.07.1457 not deleting any cookies, I use Firefox 3.6.17. Update may have broke something. Adobe Flash Player & Adobe Flash Player More* are checked. EDIT: Found problem, was my fault. I had a setting in the Exclude section of CCleaner for an older version of Adobe Flash Player, with the newer version of Flash I guess something changed, I have not investigated yet. Anyway, deleted the exclusion and all unsaved cookies deleted like they were suppose to.
  6. I would not a happy camper with no XP support. Mircosoft is supporting XP til 2014 why would CCleaner stop before then, that would not be smart. Also, I guarantee the 2014 support date will be extended, they always are. Win7's success is greatly exaggerated, downgrading happens a lot, but it's still reported as a new Win7 sale. Just around 6 months ago I bought 2 new Dells with Win7, but downgrade rights with XP Pro pre-installed.
  7. I didn't know where to put this so here it is.... The changes to the format of the website are not very good. Finding the link to the builds page is now much harder, I always use the slim version. The file name format has been changed to a less informative name. From this "CCleaner v2.28.1091 - Slim.exe" to now just this "ccsetup228_slim.exe" Overall the changes have taken a step backwards. Changes should improve a product or experience not make it worse, shouldn't they? Great programs, just had to make a few minor complaints.
  8. I'll second this suggestion. I know it's purely cosmetic, but it seems like a good idea.
  9. I updated CC from 2.25.1025 to 2.26.1050 and now the problem seems to be gone. I don't now if was something they fixed in CC or it just replaced a file that maybe was corrupted and not functioning right on my PC. I'm stumped, anyway as of right now no problems. I don't post on this type of boards unless I'm sure there is a problem, so I'm sorry if I miss diagnosed a problem. Hope this doesn't confuse the matter even further.
  10. I now believe the problem is created when CCleaner is ran when Firefox is still open, because I'm still having the same problem. I run CC sometimes forgetting to close FF, it's never been a problem before, I see the warning and have ran it anyway. I thought it just ignored the cleaning of Firefox when it was open, but some how it is trying to clean it anyway and messing it up. Somehow CC is still corrupting the cookies.sqlite file This is on a new PC with a fresh install of XP Pro SP3 and all updates, with a fresh install of 3.5.4 upgraded to 3.5.5. and a fresh install of 2.25.1025 CC. Other wise a perfectly running PC in ever aspect but this problem.
  11. Same problem since updating Firefox to 3.5.5 and CCleaner to 2.25.1025. What is actually happening is CCleaner is corrupting the file "cookies.sqlite" in the profile folder. If you replace "cookies.sqlite" with a backup or just delete it the problem is fixed, but if you run CCleaner it corrputs the file again, very annoying.
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