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  1. I get this error message when I go to tools, startup I have to x out several times before the error message goes away.
  2. Sorry didn't mean to sound snarky.
  3. So then this forum is pretty useless, except for other people who have problems and don't pay for pro. Talk amongst yourselfs.
  4. Installed the latest Speccy(v1.20.446) and still no GPU temp reading, same as last update. If your not going to fix it let us know so we don't continue to ask about it.
  5. Read the below post about GPU missing temp.
  6. V1.8.379 graphics sensor works for me but not in V1.9.
  7. Thanks for the link it fixed the loading problem, but I still don't get a temp reading for my graphics card like I have for previous versions.
  8. I recieve this error message when loading Speccy It looks like the only things that aren't loading are the graphic temps.
  9. RiverRat

    Slow Scans

    8 min to scan for this. doesn't matter if I disable spyware, zonealarm, antivirus still takes forever. didn't before windows 7.
  10. RiverRat

    Slow Scans

    Ever since I changed to Windows 7 Ive had a problem with CCleaner scan running extremely slow like 2-5 minuets to scan just the windows tab. I have the latest version of CCleaner and have gone back to older versions to see if I get the same problem , well I did. So I went back to the latest version and tried to find out which setting was the problem. This is what i found out. If I un check (in windows tab)Internet Explorer,Temporary INTERNET files, and in the System files, Temporary files the scans are fairly normal. there seems to be a problem with windows 7 and CCleaner and these temporary files. I just use windows 7 disk cleanup for the temp files. Best I can do, maybe someone can fix the problem.
  11. RiverRat

    Cluster tips

    Are those like beef tips with noodles? jk
  12. I've run CCleaner on my copy of Windows 7 Home Premium now for about 3 weeks. I have found that CCleaner takes 3 times as long to complete its windows tasks as it did when I was running XP. I am using the same settings as I did with XP. Is anyone else having the same problem? I did a clean install of 7. Iam running windows 7 home 32 bit. I noticed that when I unchecked windows tab, INTERNET explorer, temp INTERNET files,it runs like a greased pig as soon as I check the temp box it slows to a snails pace. The slowing problem is indeed the aforementioned file check. I unchecked all but the windows tab, INTERNET explorer, temp INTERNET files and it took a long time approx 30 sec to clean (I had previously cleaned the drive beforehand.) When I unchecked the file and checked all others it was done in seconds.
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