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  1. http://www.sophos.com/security/analyses/trojpadminc.html - another on the net which states its regarding VB and VBA but does not when the site is opened mention "these particular words" is http://us.mcafee.com/virusInfo/default.asp...;virus_k=135579 there was another one but it pointed to the McAfee site Many thanks for your prompt reply - I won't worry about it in future. JacquiM
  2. I downloaded and started using RegCleaner - as my Add/Remove Programs did not always work as it should - however, I have come across VB and VBA Program Settings - and as I did not know what it was - searched the web - now it appears it is a TROJAN and attaches itself to programs - and one of those programs is CCleaner - can you please tell me - if this TROJAN is really bad as some of the "websites" say - or can i leave it alone. The reason I ask is that i did delete VB and VBA as it was attached to CCleaner and I subsequently lost all my settings when i next went to use CCleaner
  3. Andy IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!! Many, Many Thanks - I followed your instructions to the Letter, had a few "hiccups" to start with - had to "delete" the CLSID's first, then the main item. Once I discovered that, I was "home and hosed". I cannot thank you enough for your patience and understanding and your easy to follow instructions. Have a lovely day today and everyday. JacquiM
  4. Thanks for your prompt replies - here's the requested result from "RemoveKeys" Resetting Permissions and Removing Registry Keys... Checking if Reg Keys still Remains.... idcfile FOUND! IPodService.iPodManager NOT FOUND! IPodService.iPodManager.1 NOT FOUND! ComPlusMetaData.MsCorHost FOUND! ComPlusMetaData.MsCorHost.2 FOUND! MailFileAtt FOUND! mapifvbx.object FOUND! mapifvbx.object.1 FOUND! SymWriter.pdb FOUND! Resetting Permissions and Removing Registry Keys... Checking if Reg Keys still Remains.... idcfile FOUND! IP
  5. My Operating System is "Windows XP Professional" and I have been keeping it up todate with Automatic Updates. I am a One Women Band - with my Computer, so I am always logged on as the "Administrator". Thanks a lot Jacqui M
  6. Many thanks for your help - sorry but apart from using attachments - I do not know how to send you the file - but have attached it - in the hope you read it. In answer to your query about 'Manual Deletion" it comes up with "Cannot delete ????? - error while deleting key" - hope this means something to you. Thanks JacquiMResult_of_CheckKeys_.txt Result_of_CheckKeys_.txt
  7. Thanks for answering, however, I have on several occasions done as you suggested, having seen "other people's issue problems" and answers, I did all my checks in "Safe Mode" in the hope that this would help. I ran "Antivirus, Spyware, Adware" etc in the hope that something would pick up and correct the problems. However, I was wrong. The only other way that appears open to me, is to take it to a "Computer Repairer" and have it cleaned by him. Thanks anyway JacquiM
  8. I first inquired about this problem some weeks ago, and have subsequently, tried numerous ways to clear these "issues" including "Dial-a-Fix" downloading "Registry Cleaners" checking the "Web" but nothing works. I have even tried to "Manually Delete" but they are not deletable this way either. I am very much a 'Novice" in the computer field - so very "plain English" replies would be appreciated. I attach my "Issues" in the hope that this may be easier for someone to help me clear these problems up. Thank you for your time JacquiMCCleaner_Issues.doc CCleaner_Issues.doc
  9. When I scan for issues - the normal problems appear - so no problem there, but, when I press Fix Selected Issues - I have all the normal repair windows come up and I say "Fix". Still, you would say not a problem, however, I can sit at the computer, and repeat this action over and over and I will get the same problems come up each and every time. They don't seem to be fixed properly. I am too afraid to touch the "Registry" myself - so can I attack this problem from a different angle. Thank you
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